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  • Items shouldn't be having so many mods and the devs need to limit them to something like 5 per item rather then keep adding to it.   Then just make some code to go back and fix items and bring them back down to 5 mods.
  • They didn't start in Fel so they get the chance to enjoy the game at their own pace. @popps is right on with the state of UO Trammel saved UO, everyone knows that expect those in denial.  Sure we hated it but the fact remains. IMO power scrolls n…
  • After looking at some of the castles/keeps posted on stratics one thing is clear is the Devs need to make the housing tool able to go that large of a plot design. Perhaps whoever wins gets their design added to the tool as a premade and still allow…
  • On my tamer with peace I noticed the jewelry losing durability a lot faster lately than before.
  • The dev's should just do away with the limits houses have.   Like if you wanted to build a 1 story house in the air you should be able to as long as it's within the plot.  I seen a cool house outside Cove that looked like it had that look.
  • They should open up malas to more housing but still limit the sizes to customizable keep size plots.  Along with upping storage to castle type. Castle size plots are just way to big to have and limits anyone having one unless rich,  extremely lucky…
  • Someplayer said: Agreed, want to design my own!  Exactly.   Up the custom plot sizes to a max of 25x25 and leave castles alone.  Fix the preloading (which is none) of houses as well.  
  • McDougle said:I guess i just don't truly understand how does people who do not want to PVP affect those that do ? PVPers can fight like minded players anywhere anytime even on regular shards there is VvV the ability to start guild wars so you ca…
  • Skill should stay capped at 720 and +skill items shouldn't take you above it. Then players can choose to be 7xGM or 6x120 or whatever in between. Yea it makes skill items useless at max skill level but they shouldn't be used how they are now.  Al…
  • They should just have the vendor charge for putting an item up along with the % cut when item is sold.  If need item space have the vendor charge for the amount of items he can put up by the week or so rather then having them use up house storage sl…
    in New Vendors Comment by Syncros July 2018
  • Supposed to type in "discuss" rather then nothing at all.
  • If there was a big meeting room table Boardsword staff, security guards and cleaing staff would have a spot to sit and still have empty chairs.
  • Would be nice if they got it working again.  Just have it do updates at server reset or such.
  • Gidge said: As long as this could be toggled on/off it would be okay. sometimes I just toss stuff down in my house and this would drive me nuts. Would be nice to have it just to avoid an item not locking down, with a toggle I would prob …
  • While its nice to have the 2 types of pardons they need to be given a much longer timer between uses.   I have no problems with reds in Trammel facets either as long as others cant heal/res them unless red themselves and of course either side cant a…
  • Max_Blackoak said: Mesanna said: No this is not legal and you should call a GM to get them removed. Even on Siege Perilous and with the crystal teleporter inside as an easy escape? When I asked an advisor roughly a year ago about b…
  • Pinkerton said: Absolutely fantastic move on Broadsword's part.  I acknowledge that there was possibly no intent in the time the champ was named.  However, it is undeniable that as it stood the name needed to be changed. Barracoon (the term)…
    in "The Piper" Comment by Syncros June 2018
  • Its like what Mervyn said unless things changed.    Not enough enforcement to enforce such actions anymore so no action is taken and players continue to do it freely.
  • Considering the current state UO is in it shouldn't take so many months to hear back from support but at least you found out the problem so fixing it should be easy enough. WoW support like any is hit or miss, depends who you get they may be of hel…
  • Just run around and look at all the houses and you can get ideas from that.  The worse thing is the interface while designing your house, it gets slow and laggy.
  • Buggy client.   I get some issues when using last object macro with some other specific object macro.  I guess I should write it down and report it but it seems like an easy macro issue that shouldve been fixed by now.  After all the client should b…
  • Just remove reagents from all casting schools of magic.  Mana/dex use is all they should need. 99% is a waste of time to do, I know my t hunter has a 98% suit and the amount of times times I cant a spell is way too much.
  • They should change Soulstones so you can access them through the context menu on yourself and work on all servers. Current Soulstones just become a deco item you can turn on/off.
  • Kyronix said: Just so I'm understanding correctly - your suggestion is to remove Felucca as a rulset from all shards (except Siege & Mugen). Everyone is then presented with an opt-in for open PvP across all facets?   This is basica…
  • Acid_Rain said: I'm sure they'd love to know how players can get items stuck in boxes enabling them to chop the box later blocking house placement. Fix ur email bro & let them know ! I remember that bug from back when I quit UO.  
  • Victim_Of_Siege said: Can we please after all these years have the ability to scribe spellweaving scrolls? With craftable Spellweaving spellbooks too.  Have a quest to get it like the Queen wants a scribe to make her something.  
  • Ever see the movie "inside job"?   
  • Would be nice as well if they made the corpse a different colour then the spawned mobs and even having its corpse stay on top of everything else.  
    in Publish 100 Comment by Syncros May 2018
  • If they keep bringing snacks to the meetings then they will be getting larger.
  • Got a few guildies on EJ accounts that recently upgraded to "vet" accounts so looks like their system is working.