Anyone love house designing?

I am worthless at this, but I would love to build an 18x but I don't like boxes.  I do pretty good at tech support but have as much artist in me as a rock.
I have a second account on Chessie and am willing to pay someone   inbox me  and we can work the details out.
If this is fun to someone and you want to earn some gold, let's get this done


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    On Atlantic there is a player name Titianna Thorn. She's been around since day 1, is 100% trusted by everyone that knows her (which is most everyone on the shard by now), & does home deco from time to time.

    I'd recommend asking her if ya can. She has characters on most every shard & would probably put some time aside ta help. Last nite a guildmate said in Ventrilo that she was going to deco his home so she may be busy atm. If you have some time to wait, I'd highly recommend her. Shes a sweetheart.

    Just make sure its her u ask. Some trash players on the shard may impersonate her. She owns a township & has tons of homes of which she loves to give tours. Its easy to make sure u have the right person by her homes & township.

    Good luck however you decide to deco !  :)
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    I just realized it would be pretty awesome if the carpentry skill would allow to simulate house building and then save it as a design. You then deed it. The deed shows the tiles it takes up, storage, with a preview. You can then trade it, sell it on a vendor,.. copy it with a tool like the one that copies runebooks.. Basically pre-build custom house designs.
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    I saw something like this.    If you wanted, you could set your house so players could deed a copy of it for whatever it cost to build plus a little more.  Only the physical structure was duplicate, bit the decor :)   
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    Just run around and look at all the houses and you can get ideas from that.  The worse thing is the interface while designing your house, it gets slow and laggy.

  • I also do houses.
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    I love doing homes and one home I seen I fell in love with that was 18x18, I took screenshots of and although my pad was smaller, I made it work. Now you could make a EJ account and run around on any shard and view a home and copy/build it on another screen :D

    Don't get frustrated and have fun if you decide to go it on your own! :)

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