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*waves* I have had a few requests to put a recap/summary together of events regarding what is referred to as “the Sultan” arc.


Here we go!


January 2020: Povras Sibrum, a sailor and crewmember to a merchant vessel was in route to Delucia, on the journey a small island was sighted in the distance. Curiosity got the better of Povras and the ship’s crew and they decided to explore…


The Temple Of Abhorrence - Ultima Online Forums (uo.com)

The Temple Of Abhorrence, Part 2 - Ultima Online Forums (uo.com)


On the island, a mysterious tomb was encountered. With most of the crew missing, Povras decided to head back to the ship and get help.  


Governors are attacked by mysterious assassins, who left rubies behind.


February 2020: What was left of Povras’s merchant ship washed ashore in Serpent’s Hold as he sought help. Unfortunately, he brought back an unknown illness with him which had drastic effects on the townsfolk of Serpent’s Hold.


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March 2020: In an effort to identify what sort of disease or illness fell over the townsfolk of Serpent’s Hold, Povras delivers samples and remains of the infected townsfolk to Egoris Ishaan, a renowned alchemist residing in Moonglow. Perhaps Egoris would be able to find a cure, or a way to stop the spread of the disease?


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April 2020: Egoris is murdered by a mysterious individual belonging to a Nujel’m noble family; Anumi Mazetti. Trinsic is also now dealing with the same disease and infection that Serpent’s Hold had. Rubies were discovered littered all throughout the area; a calling card of the Odello noble family in Nujel’m.


King Blackthorn places Povras in charge of investigating the Odellos in Nujel’m. An ill-fated inquisition leads to the slaughter of many Odello family members, in addition to the guards of Nujel’m.


Seeing this as an invasion of his sovereign territory, the Sultan of Nujel’m declares war on Britannia.


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May 2020: “A Just Retaliation” The Sultan of Nujel’m attacks Vesper.


June 2020: Cove falls under the effects of the same illness that the townsfolk of Serpent’s Hold and Trinsic had. Evidence is seen that may implicate the Mazetti family of Nujel’m as being responsible for the illness in Trinsic and Cove.


The Sultan, King Blackthorn, Governors and Britannians try to reach a truce to end the war in lieu of a standard governor meeting.


July 2020: Moonglow seems to be under attack from the forces of Nujel’m; The ships were actually newly freed slaves and refugees from Nujel’m, who were promptly slaughtered by the Britannians.

This served as a diversion to the true attack happening in Skara Brae.


"Three Sides of The Coin" - Ultima Online Forums (uo.com)


August 2020: The time comes to advance on Nujel’m. A large force is mustered up and attacks the palace in Nujel’m. To the surprise of many, the Sultan is found murdered.


"Tomes of the Fragmentation" - Ultima Online Forums (uo.com)


Seeing that all of their enemies have been taken care of, Anumi and the Mazetti family assume the Sultan’s throne in Nujel’m.


"A Mask of Sapphire" - Ultima Online Forums (uo.com)


September 2020: Festival of the Masks held in Nujel’m, all are invited. Anumi attempts to garner the support of various governors.


October 2020: Governor meeting is attacked by thieves and assassins. During the melee, a mysterious Tome is stolen from King Blackthorn, “The Tome Of Light”


November 2020: While attempting to recover the mysterious Tome, Baily Mason the Royal Guard is murdered and the Tome is taken from the thieves, by the assassin.


Sultan Anumi Mazetti settles into his new role while studying the Tomes in his possession.


Silver Crow pirates ultimately end up with the stolen Tome of Light and deliver to Nujel’m for a hefty price.


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February 2021: King Blackthorn goes into the details of “the three Tomes” and why they are to be feared. In an attempt to gain more knowledge of them, an ancient wisp is sought after. Unfortunately, he has been killed by agents of the Mazetti family and Nujel’m guard.


Roysia Avelot, an agent of King Blackthorn is sent to Nujel’m to try and steal any of the Tomes from Anumi. She is arrested and captured in the process.


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April 2021: After many months studying the Tomes, Anumi departs Nujel’m to put them to use; to awaken a vile being of fire, Muspelheim.


During the summoning ritual, a Tome is stolen away from Anumi by King Blackthorn who had pleaded with Anumi to “stop this madness”


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May 2021: The townsfolk of Delucia are under attack by the forces of the awoken Muspelheim. It is assumed that the three Tomes are the only way to control the vile being, and subsequently defeat him.


June 2021: Current

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