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  • Thank you for the responses, I really appreciate the consideration. DISM and System File Checker tools return a clean bill of health; reformatting was also unsuccessful.  The mother board model is MS-7A95, it is an ATX board.  Unfortunately rena…
  • Only two threads appear, the Main Thread, and another associated with InputHost.dll; Spy++ shows no window handles, no child processes, no parent processes. Process explorer corroborates a two TID running at high integrity with no associated Windo…
  • Hi TimSt, I appreciate the reply. I've gone through several dozen iterations of suggested troubleshooting steps with Broadsword, NVidia, and MSI. Rather than providing information for trouble shooting steps, I was hoping to hear from users who have…
  • Viability is very situationally dependent; gear choice also plays a large role. Your tamer will be very similar in PvM, but I would read up on Animal Training/Animal Taming Mastery to really take advantage of being a tamer. Animal Taming in PvP is…
  • If you want to actively train vet/animal lore, killing the Troglodytes in the Painted Caves works pretty well.  They will give you good amounts of gold, fame, karma, honor, Spellweaving scrolls, and most importantly bandages!
  • Most of your questions are too open ended for a lot of people to answer effectively; the exceptions being that you will want to use fencing weapons for a melee dexterity warrior interested in poisoning and you will generally aim for 180 or greater s…
  • Although there are a lot of good options, I always start my character with a point in tailoring to get some newbie scissors!;)
  • Rock said: How could Gate be so much easier to cast than Mark? It isn't, when casting from the same character. Although probability can make it feel that way. As a side note, there is some information regarding Inscription & Casting Fo…
  • Good info, thanks @Mariah.
  • Wolf mastery; allows you to tame any wolf as if it were a 0 difficulty tameable. ( Excluding Bake Kitsune and Tsuki Wolf) Looks like this has been updated, if it wasn't already included. Also based on the Japanese theme of Samurai Empire it's safe t…
  • I think you could throw in Necromancy & Spirit Speak by dropping Meditation/Resist to go around with double Skeletal Dragons if you wanted to mix it up as well.
  • I have found to be very helpful since returning to UO; here is their information on masteries:
  • I'd like to see a viable 1 slot pack pet combination, maybe not super powerful end game, but the idea of a Hound/Pack master is fun to me. Or a combination like Beastmaster, with different pets adding versatility to builds.