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Good afternoon all,
I just decide to resubscribe to check out what I had in my bank and now I'm hooked.  What are the most common pvp and pvm templates being run in todays UO?  I have a discord tamer, and a weaver mage pretty well decked out, but I'm not even sure if that's viable?  Thanks in advance.


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    Train pets.  Kill stuff.
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    Viability is very situationally dependent; gear choice also plays a large role.

    Your tamer will be very similar in PvM, but I would read up on Animal Training/Animal Taming Mastery to really take advantage of being a tamer. Animal Taming in PvP is very different from a UO:SA/UO:R style tamer.

    Your casting character can be viable in both PvM and PvP; a very effective PvM build adds Mysticism and Focus to a Spellweaver in order to cast a very, very strong Rising Colossus. Again I would read up on the Mastery system; the Necromancy mastery lets you control undead creatures during your logged in session; this means you can bop around with two self healing skeletal dragons.

    The most prolific PvM template at the moment is dubbed the Sampire, and really takes advantage of Ultima Online's damage increase formula to pump out damage and self-healing; a lot of good information is out there as well.
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