New to Dexxer and got Questions.

Can someone please explain to me a few things about making a dex character?

I am interested in making a Deadly Poison Dexxer and was wondering if melee skill matters? I imagine it will have to be swords or fence but aside from that is there much of a difference?

Also what stats does a dexxer require? Is there a certain stamina needed for max swing speed?

I see that some people go above 40 LMC and obtain 55 LMC how does one do this?

What other shit do I need to know when making my first dexxer?


  • BomburBombur Posts: 14
    Most of your questions are too open ended for a lot of people to answer effectively; the exceptions being that you will want to use fencing weapons for a melee dexterity warrior interested in poisoning and you will generally aim for 180 or greater stamina.

    Can you describe what type of gameplay you want to participate in?
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  • King_GregKing_Greg Posts: 250
    Assuming you are talking about Pvp. 

    Melee Skill doesn't matter too much. The go to in the past has always been fencing.  In the end it comes down to what splinter weapons you have available to you. Splinter weapons being weapons with Hit Splinter on them. It's an ability that has a chance to bleed the target and force  them to walk for a short duration of time. It procs on base hits and on some weapon specials. These weapons can get expensive though, depending on the other mods found. 

    55% Lower Mana Cost can be Achieved by having 40% Lower Mana cost on your equipment and having at least 5 pieces of armor that are both studded/bone/hide and non medable. 

  • King_GregKing_Greg Posts: 250
    Oh, and Play the Enhanced Client since it corners faster and pretty much auto runs around every obstacle. Makes it much easier to keep 1 tile away from your target. 
  • Yeah, I plan to play for pvp. Thank you for the responses.
  • Petra_FydePetra_Fyde Posts: 1,386
    The weapon you choose will probably have infectious strike special and if you don't already know about it, you might look into the properties of Parasitic poison
  • The_Higgs_1The_Higgs_1 Posts: 420
    Most poisoning weapons don't need much stamina to swing at max.  If your planning on running healing youll need 150 dexterity.  If your smart with your template youll make it a deathstriker.  DP splinter dser is a popular powerful template right now.  I would just look to get SSI jewels and not worry about high stamina.
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