Necromancy and wolf taming

My character has about 62 Necromancy skill. Using the Summon Familiar skill he can temporarily obtain a dark wolf pet.  Having that pet is supposed to allow him to tame any wolf as if it were a "0 difficulty tameable".  He has 0 actual skill in either taming or animal lore, although as a human he has 20 JOAT skill in each.

Should he be able to tame a Tsuki Wolf?  Actually I don't believe he should be able to, and indeed attempting to do so tells my character he has insufficient skill.  My guess is the documentation regarding this has not been updated since they became tameable in Pub.97.
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  • SarkonSarkon Posts: 61
    I believe the dark wolf refers to things affected by "wolf slayers" like timber wolves, dire wolves, winter wolves, and I believe even hell hounds.  Tuski Wolves are affected by abyss slayers and not wolf slayers.  I think it is just in the name that's a bit misleading.
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    I was not aware of any need to edit the documentation for that spell. In what way do you feel it should be changed?
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    @Mariah, it may be fine if people generally know that a "Tsuki Wolf" is not a normal wolf.  Otherwise just have the documentation say that tsuki wolves cannot be tamed via Necromancy.
    Rock (formerly Imperterritus VXt, Baja)
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    edited April 2018
    Wolf mastery; allows you to tame any wolf as if it were a 0 difficulty tameable. ( Excluding Bake Kitsune and Tsuki Wolf)

    Looks like this has been updated, if it wasn't already included. Also based on the Japanese theme of Samurai Empire it's safe to assume that Tsuki Wolf is a play on werewolf, Tsuki being similar to the sound of the Japanese word for moon, and Bake Kitsune would be similar to something like Changed/Haunted Fox. Fox, although similar looking to a wolf, is of the genus Vulpes.

    As an aside, I remember a player by the name of Rock in the guild VX on Baja; very cool to see familiar names still around.
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    @Bombur, yes, that was me.; I started out in VX.  Eventually my Rock character shifted to VXt to become guild leader of VXt, its training guild. Your name sounds familiar, but I'm sorry that I cannot remember for sure.

    I see that @Mariah did indeed update the Necromancy page as can be seen with revision comparison.  She is serious about keeping the Wiki accurate and up to date!
    Rock (formerly Imperterritus VXt, Baja)
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