No Animal Lore Gains

Been really tough   I started 90 and have worked hard at gaining Taming to 120 and got vet to 108 but lore has been very slow and I am only at 102.8  So I decided to start grinding it directly and was told that every vet attempt gets a chance to gain lore.  Well, I have nearly 300 vets and I have gotten exactly .2 gains.  Any ideas?  Even with a boat moving, does not see to increase gains


  • KronalKronal Posts: 84
    Get a taming mastery
  • MerusMerus Posts: 656
    Taming mastery doesn’t seem to raise Lore anymore (at least this was my experience on a recent tamer using a level 1 taming mastery to raise taming skill).
  • North_LSNorth_LS Posts: 99
    taming mastery doesnt work for lore unfortunately. lore is pretty tedious, get a pet and make a macro to throw a couple magic arrows at it then vet it and get ready to replay it a whole bunch of times.
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    Thanks, Okay that was the method I was using North_Ls.  I specifically bought the expansion that has mastery in it, but that does not get you any lore.
    Do you still need 8x8  I thought I read somethere that you no longer need movement

  • North_LSNorth_LS Posts: 99
    nope, 8x8 is a thing of the past - all anti-macro code has been removed from the game. I spent a few long hours on a boat when i first came back a few months ago trying to find gain runs before i did a search on why it wasnt working and figured that little gem out.
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    If you want to actively train vet/animal lore, killing the Troglodytes in the Painted Caves works pretty well. 

    They will give you good amounts of gold, fame, karma, honor, Spellweaving scrolls, and most importantly bandages!
    Bifur, Bofur, and Bombur!
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