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  • Is there one comprehensive place where information about New Legacy is being kept?  Anything the devs have said about it, any questions that have been answered, a feedback repository and what has been considered? I have been playing Fortnite with my…
  • I tested the dress macro after death and there was no delay, it worked perfectly.  I hit my dress macro then my arm macro, then my mount macro and also was able to open my backpack.  Saving Arm1-4 after log-off is still an issue. 
  • Mervyn, appreciate you testing to see what happens for you too.  Actually some of my write-up was from a few days ago I just finally got time to make the post.  I did test the Insert key and the arm macro saving today so that is still valid.  When I…
  • Catskills for one.
  • @Bleak Thanks for listening (reading)! *thumbs up*
  • We can pool our information to try and figure it out.  So as I stated above I popped Felucca Khaldun earlier while guildies were doing a Rikky.  So we finished Fel Khaldun and it wouldn't repop.  I didn't spawn for the rest of the day.  I came back …
  • Giving @Bleak a little clarification. Every day we are able to pop Felucca Khaldun once using Valor.  I didn't pay attention to the first couple days what other spawns were active but yesterday I popped it while a guild mate was doing a rat spawn in…
  • @Bleak I can pop any Felucca spawn any time I want, except the Khaldun one.  I can pop every T2A Felucca spawn and have popped every Felucca spawn while trying to get a Rikky spawn in T2A.  I have popped every Felucca spawn in T2A (minus Oaks) not …
  • @TastyTreats I like a lot of what you are saying.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion and some will come in and say you accepted the consequences when you became (or decided to stay) red.  However, my opinion more closely matches yours.  The FC1…
  • Yup, it’s happening a lot.  I even started typing my password slower to ensure I wasn’t mistyping but it still happens. I knew for sure it was an issue with the system when I got the error after selecting the wrong shard and trying to go back to th…
  • Hello!  Congratulations on the fourums.