Login issues?

Is anyone else having login issues and having to re-enter password 2-3 time almost eveytime you log in?  Game that is, not the boards


  • Arroth_ThaielArroth_Thaiel Posts: 1,013
    edited May 2018

    Yes. Glad to see it is not just me.

    Might be something to do with the account changes coming up on Tuesday.

  • PodolakPodolak Posts: 13
    Yup, it’s happening a lot.  I even started typing my password slower to ensure I wasn’t mistyping but it still happens.

    I knew for sure it was an issue with the system when I got the error after selecting the wrong shard and trying to go back to the shard list.  
  • ArchnightArchnight Posts: 48
    edited May 2018
    Agreed same here, started happening after that security update @Kyronix

  • BilboBilbo Posts: 2,834
    YES  Just keep trying and you will get in
  • KHANKHAN Posts: 510
    Me as well. It's driving me nuts!
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  • ParnocParnoc Posts: 236
    Yes, same for me, having to put password in twice at least every time.  Scary if this is the precursor to the new account changes, more frightening than any monster in game. :o
  • BleakBleak Posts: 143Dev
    This issue is now resolved.
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