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  • Bump. Wondering this myself.
  • Guys, Im a Long time player since the games launch. I have 2 accounts but not much time to play these days. That said, when the bank customizations happened, I thought it was going to be a yearly event where players could submit their designs and t…
  • I love this. I wish I could have one of these nice new castle designs. I dont know how people are placing them.
  • This happened to me once years ago. High Seas was relatively new I believe, maybe out a year. Had my boat docked at my house on ice isle in Fel for months. One day I got on and noticed it was shot to hell. I just assumed some PKs were being pricks s…
  • Thanks for the help guys. I think to use this the way it should be used, I have to place the pond in a different part of the house. Its just too difficult to make work with the water wheel in its current position. Side note, Pawin, your layout in th…
    in Water wheel Comment by Quintus May 2019
  • Ive tried this but goza mats dont move once placed. I just tried it again and the interior decorator tool says it cannot go any higher or lower. Do you mean the water tiles or those grass/snow tiles?
    in Water wheel Comment by Quintus May 2019
  • Ivenor said: There is a tile INSIDE the Koy Pond that is not impassable. If you place the Pond ON YOU, and after place the Wheel maybe it functions? Clearly after placing you have to exit the pond with a Recall... I dont follow. Are you s…
    in Water wheel Comment by Quintus May 2019
  • I have tried the goza method. It wont raise. Is this supposed to be with a water tile instead? Id love to use this water wheel but Im struggling to find a reasonable way to place it on the pond or other water I have in the home. Im open to ideas!
    in Water wheel Comment by Quintus May 2019
  • I remember something like this but it had to do with black dye tubs. The original rare was to have black items. Someone got their hands on one somehow and I believe it was removed but later, given out as rewards. Could be mistaken though. I go back…
    in Memories Comment by Quintus January 2019
  • Pinkerton is correct. They wouldnt completely dissolve the useage of these crafts. They have only made them stronger over the years with adding imbuing. That said, I miss how back in the day player blacksmiths would just hangout outside the blacksm…
  • Petra_Fyde said: while a thread with images of the outsides is undoubtedly useful, I don't think it should be the only way you decide where to cast your vote. I've seen several that I liked from the outside, but the internal layout put me off…
  • Where can I view the contest and vote? I cant find it anywhere?
  • Bro, You're misunderstanding everything. Let it go. Thx.
  • Mervyn, Fel only shards do not work. Thats the point I was making. Any return players that come in just for that would be minimal anyway. Either way though, it would require marketing to be successful. Which was the point of my comment. UO must adv…
  • Mervyn, Ive been playing this game since 1997. Ive taken time off here and there but lastly got back into the game in 2011 and have been a continued member of the UO society since. Being that Im this old I have seen the game go through so many chan…
  • Hello all, I live on Ice Isle in Fel. There are many house spots here. Some homes here are very old too. Dating back to the beginning. Its very cool if you ask me. Ive started my playing career in 1997 by running around these snowy lands playing hu…