Your UO wishlist for 2020

So as months fly by and we are near a new year, not much has been said about the agenda for 2020. At this time last year it had been announced already that the High Seas would be the focus area for 2019.
So the ultimate question is, What would you like in 2020?

Max three things per, lets hear your voices!

Together we make UO greater!



  • MargeMarge Posts: 722
    Finish with High Seas fixes like they said would happen since before the taming revamp:

    1) Crab Traps - please let them stack when emptied!
    2) Bait - actually make it help (Over 1k bait and not one fish is not useful.)
    3) Bait Suit - Works as well as the bait itself - IE not at all
  • Shard Shields in the Store, a downgraded version of course,  maybe spits out a token every 6/8 weeks so it does not negatively affect vet shields
  • CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,701
    edited November 2019
    I thought they mentioned that they would open up talks about pvp or VvV.
    (not that either interests me)

    Also about what they are going to do with Blackthorns Dungeon.

    Not to mention, that they are going to give us different versions of other wearables... like Tangle. 


    It has also been mentioned that people want the Moonglow Zoo updated. Have other tameables added to the list. would be cool if we could turn in lions and tigers.

    new rewards for huntmaster
    container that reduces leather weight

    new Minister of Trades at Minoc & Yew
    we now have the docks but can't pick up orders for delivery.

    and if you add those, give them new rewards...
    bait bucket  and fishermens basket...
    bait bucket is to hold bait
    fishermens basket is for weight reduction of fish

    would really like it if the reward system would be like the BOD system.
    where we could bank points, to go towards our target reward.
    I doubt they would ever do this, but its a nice dream...
  • My no 1 is to upgrade the fishmonger rewards or make the old ones work.
    No2 ..make all wearables on mannequins in CC look  the same as they do in game or on vendors. They look so ugly! Just dipped in one colour, no details no golden edges. 
    No 3. More pieces on the costumication tool, esp the missing ones that leave holes and half and quater walls.
    ...and ofcourse that this hunt on cheaters will become successful!
  • poppspopps Posts: 3,974
    edited November 2019
    Ok, my wish List of 3 priorities for 2020 is the Following : 

    1. A CRAFTING revamp that was to make Crafted items on par with Looted items, I tried to discuss this in this Thread (;

    2. I would like to see Fishing get some love for the Legendary Fishermen.... I hoped this could come with the current 2019 High Seas new content but, other then some rare Aquarium Fishes, nothing else came up.... In particular, I would love, as I tried to discuss in this Thread (, to see the Fish that Legendary 120.0 Fishermen can catch, be possible to be used for else but Trophies (how many Trophies may a player need ?) like for example steaks, pies and drinks providing "buffs" for longer times or of a type currently non existing....

    Also, what happened with making the Fishmongers' Quests Order of the Dragonfish Quest Books be possible to be turned in for Clean Up Point ( ?
    I understand that they were taken off due to an Exploit, could the Exploit be fixed, please, and restore these Fishmongers' Quest Reward provide significant Clean Up Points considered that, as of now, receiving them means having WASTED a lot of time in Fishing all for nothing ?

    How many COPIES of the Order of the Dragonfish Quest Books does a player need to have ??

    Can they be used, at the very least, to get significant Clean Up points so as to justify the time invested in getting them ?

    3. I would LOVE to have the ability to spend real money on a new, additional Storage Space Increase and an 8th Character slot (

    The Last storage increase, if I recall correctly, dates back to 2010, about 10 Years ago while the 7th Character slot dates 2004, some 15 Years ago !!

    I think it is time to get both of these again and it would be a good way for Ultima Online to raise up more revenues for its upkeep.

    Please, let me add also a fourth thing that I'd like to see for 2020....

    4. STACKABLES. There is still a whole lot of items in the game which do not stack. I would LOVE to see the making of any and all items (or close to all items) be made as stackable in Ultima Online.... 

    Also, it would be VERY NICE to see as new Veteran Rewards an ARMOR STAND and a WEAPONS RACK where one could put 500 armor (for the stand) and 500 weapons (for the rack), respectively, and have them count as 1 item towards storage....

    That is my Wish List for 2020.....
  • Ezekiel_ZaneEzekiel_Zane Posts: 326
    edited November 2019

    You beat me to it.

    1. Custom keeps and Castles and Keeps in Malas
    2. Add x-y axis adjustments to the interior decorator tool
    3. Add wooden doors and floor tiles and the barred metal gate to the custom granite system
  • UrgeUrge Posts: 1,230

    1) PvP/VvV update

    2) Crafting update

    3) A dedicated coder just to fix bugs

  • Whisperer said:
    Shard Shields in the Store, a downgraded version of course,  maybe spits out a token every 6/8 weeks so it does not negatively affect vet shields
    2. Finally sorting the scripting and looting cheats especially at Idocs, which hopefully is coming

    3. Stopping the player in Atlantic giving locations of Idocs, gating everyone in and respecting that idocing is a play style and that these actions have a negative effect on the players that spend the time searching etc. Idocing should be considered like a thief play style. So it should not be advertised EVERYWHERE to EVERYONE for a free meal ticket to have loot scripts running. You want free stuff, then you put in the work like idocers have to. 
    And with my no.2 in effect I expect and hope for a return to the times when only those that put in the work are there for the spoils.
    And, like when there is a patch publish it seems that there are only a few players at idocs (because the scripts can't update and dont work) the idoc cheat for example.........
  • PawainPawain Posts: 9,230
    The Devs not listen to posters who do not play or know the game mechanics.

    The Devs to do nothing to PvP. Don't waste time on the 2%. They can't handle any changes anyway.

    Rising Tide took 2 years of planning.  I wonder what is in store for us in 2020 to keep players on after the holiday activities.
    Focus on what you can do, not what you can't.
  • MargeMarge Posts: 722
    Can I make my #3  actually #2b and make my third choice making the boat holds easier to drop stuff in!!!!!!!!!
  • JollyJadeJollyJade Posts: 578
    edited November 2019
    Wish they revamped T-Hunting into proper endgame content. With high level maps nerfed into oblivion and low level maps boring af so many friends don't bother anymore :(
    Just a troll who got told by lesser trolls (moderator classification)
  • And maybe 2020 will be the year of vendor search working on Atlantic.
    Just a troll who got told by lesser trolls (moderator classification)
  • psychopsycho Posts: 293
    Many good ideas and suggestions in this thread!
    I will add mine:

    1: PvP system. UO deserves a good pvp system other than blue/red murder system. There are two ways to achieve this; Either create a new system more like factions with a purpose, or improve the existing VvV system. The problem with VvV is that theres towns every 20min and 300 day and everyones forgot who won what and when, and what did they really win, 139 points out of 11millionNinehundredAndFiftyThousandSevenhundredAndNine points total, an astronomical number on the top30 page. Also add silver so that killing someone also requre you to protect the silver you just gained in backpack so killing someone gives points and loot. Add all to a website to be read outside the game, huge customer winner right there.

    2:  Crafting update. Add 750intensity and 8mods items to be imbuable. Add more recipes that require special mats/gems/boards/ingots. (try avoid 2 recipes almost identical like the mage hood)

    3: Bug fixing, including the IDOC issues that has been pointed out.  A few more suggestions to bugs: Party System, Stackable items, boat holds to drop of items more easy.

    A 4th wish that isnt huge would be an overview of govenours and what town bonus there is. Could always add a feature or two also, but let politics and taxes be decided in felucca and pvp system.

    Thank you for the suggestions and to the hardworking devs.
  • Petra_FydePetra_Fyde Posts: 1,382
    I would like to see a way for a trusted ally to be friended to a vendor, with limited access.
    This would be so that the friend could stock the vendor should I be ill, cut off from the internet or just on holiday.  I think this would be really good for guild/alliance run vendor malls who take pride in not having empty vendors. The 'friend' status would merely allow access to the vendor's backpack to add and price stock. They would not be able to remove stock they hadn't put on, remove gold or change the vendor contract.  IF the friend should be sufficiently mercenary to demand a fee for their help it would have to be arranged between the two independent of the vendor's interface.
  • Oh yes yes YESS!
  • TimStTimSt Posts: 1,815
    1) Bug fixes to the EC. Specifically ghost items in containers and the backpack doing this:
    2) Allow co-owners to set up commissioned vendors
    3) Add search by item name to BoD books.
  • CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,701
    TimSt said:
    1) Bug fixes to the EC. Specifically ghost items in containers and the backpack doing this:
    2) Allow co-owners to set up commissioned vendors
    3) Add search by item name to BoD books.
    i like these...
    #3... if they can't add a search, how about an alphabetical feature
  • Ezekiel_ZaneEzekiel_Zane Posts: 326
    edited November 2019

    I was using the EC yesterday and all my backpacks were doing that.
    Toggling back n forth seemed to fix it but it constantly reoccurred.
  • ezikelezikel Posts: 90
    1-fix pvp,remove shatter pot and make pvp more fun diversified
    2-make crafting usefull again not only for the weapons
    3-update ec client,make that went i try to get on my pet i dont attack him and make a ways that we can chose when and who you want to use autotarget
  • ActionEllyActionElly Posts: 156
    edited November 2019

    1. Subscription perk; daily login rewards
    2. Daily Quests (dungeons/monsters/other content) in Brit Commons for rewards
    3. Crafting Update -- New armor and weapon recipes that include tags such as Grandmaster through Mythical from daily quests; It would be nice for these new items to have the makers mark as well. I'd also like to see the new recipes use old resources and drops to coincide with the daily quests given out.

    • Grandmaster -- GM armor or weapon for level 100
    • Exalted --  Exalted armor or weapon for level 105
    • Legendary -- Legendary armor or weapon for level 110
    • Mythical -- Mythical armor or weapon for level 120 (It's weird because PS have mythical as 115 but I like the recent stuff that has Mythical as purple and highest level)

    The goal for my suggestions is not only to bring people back together for UO 2020, but make them more active. The Icing on the cake is making sure old and new content stay relevant.

    Edit: added details
  • looploop Posts: 330
    As others have mentioned, a focus on bug fixing would be good.

    I’ve only since returned with EJ from the UOR days, so I’m not spun up on all the new content paradigms. Recognizing that this might not be realistic, I would like to see efforts made to modernize the Classic Client, including scalable UI/containers, smoothing of the FPS, and support for higher resolutions.
  • BilboBilbo Posts: 2,834
    #2 Make Crafting relevant
  • UrgeUrge Posts: 1,230
     Bilbo said:
    #1  BUGS VvV BUGS
    #2 Make Crafting relevant
    #3  BUGS PvP BUGS
    I'm pretty sure this is what you meant to say. ;)  <3
  • BilboBilbo Posts: 2,834
    edited November 2019
    Urge said:
     Bilbo said:
    #1  BUGS VvV BUGS
    #2 Make Crafting relevant
    #3  BUGS PvP BUGS
    I'm pretty sure this is what you meant to say. ;)  <3
    NO IT IS NOT   >:)
  • Lieutenant_DanLieutenant_Dan Posts: 195
    edited November 2019
    Filters on the <Control>/<Shift> handles in CC.
    Give us the ability to toggle between seeing what type of handles when using control/shift
    *see everything (the way it is now)
    *only see player handles
    *only see non player handles
    *only see corpses handles
    *only items on the ground handles
    any combination of the above

    Sometimes there are so many items on the ground and/or people at EM events that it's damn near impossible to pull a monsters bar or find your own corpse after you died.  This would help with that problem immensely. 


  • TimStTimSt Posts: 1,815

    1. Add a Filter to Davie's Locker. Filter by facet, type (treasure / sos), level type (assassin / warrior / mage / ranger / etc), level level (supply / cache / hoard / etc), and status, and if possible coordinates.
    2. Add ability to drop a map on a Davie's Locker and have it automatically be added.
    3. Add ability to relocate BoD books that are locked down.
    4. Whole house search via the house sign. Item(s) selected for retrieving go into a search crate accessed via the house sign. Items in search crate count against house storage.

  • runic reforging of jewellery please
  • 1. at least once a year try to push out a publish that will focus on bug fixes

    2. crack down on illegal third party programs. preferably design a security system that allows you to see what third party programs are being used and simply block login with any programs that are not considered legal. (this would not only solve cheating in PvP but also afk script farming, script looting etc. etc.)

    3. update in game artifacts to make them useful again (let us imbue them or add mods to make them viable) and make crafted items more up to par with current loot

  • Mene_DrachenfelsMene_Drachenfels Posts: 247
    edited December 2019
    Increase House Storage to 80 %,
    More stackable Items!
    An overthing of the special artifact droprate by fighting champ- and peerless bosses - i think of Crimson or Tangle, Slither and so on.
    The Return of the Khaldun stealables esp. of the the four Titan Relics.
    A resurection for low visited dungeons - make a system like the virtue drops for example or give ToT, Tresures of Kotl/Doom/Enchanted Origins a rebirth with a permanent shop for choosing items.
    Quests for a better change to get the most asking imbuing ingredients (ex. crystal shards, cristalline blackrock, lodestones and many much more) in a higher number than only one piece.
    A possiblity to remove ancient or curse property from items.
    Costumizable Plots for own costumized keeps (doesn't have to be the castle plot ;) )

    Go on with receipes for a better char looking - this idea is great. But make it a bit mor easier to get - it doesn't always have to be monsterfighting to get these recipes - think also of the players who don't have uber-chars (6 x 120 Skill, mega weaps or pets or dozen of Platiniums to buy what will be missed)

    Last wish ... remove RNG!  

    A little less ego-thinking, know-it-all and rumbling compared to others who aren't so "great" and the UO-life would be a whole corner easier

    (Ein bisschen weniger Ego-Denken, Besserwisserei und Rumprollerei anderen gegenüber die halt nicht so "toll sind" und das UO-Leben wäre ne ganze Ecke einfacher)

  • Marge said:
    Finish with High Seas fixes like they said would happen since before the taming revamp:

    1) Crab Traps - please let them stack when emptied!
    2) Bait - actually make it help (Over 1k bait and not one fish is not useful.)
    3) Bait Suit - Works as well as the bait itself - IE not at all

    1. I'd like to see crab traps revamped altogether. Stacking when empty would be nice for sure. But I'd also like to see the trap pop into your pack when you make a catch. The fish pop into your pack or at your feet when you make a catch. Why not when you make a catch with a trap? The system as it is, not being able to look away for a moment or you'll miss if the trap bobs up and down is the WORST! This and how cumbersome handling a boatload of fish is, are the two main reasons I get fed up with fishing quests.

    I don't mind that we lose traps and have to get more, though I do wish traps were craftable. But I really do mind that my eyes have to stay glued to the screen for the mind numbing task of looking for the bobbing. Let me set my traps and watch a few seconds of a movie, or pet the dog, or take a bite of my sammich while I wait to see if I catch anything in a trap!

    2. My fisher / pirate hunter isn't a tamer. She uses a bow and she's more often than not sailing solo. Up until being able to use the silver tincture on my bow to turn it into a slayer I never bothered to go after the dread pirates. There wasn't any point because the battle ends up in a draw. I'll stand there for an eternity burning up arrows, my gear getting trashed, but the pirate and I are in a standoff, neither of us really taking any significant damage. So instead I'll kill the orcs then drop my bow so I don't waste arrows while I loot their ship. The dread pirate gets left behind.

    I don't want to have to be a tamer to kill dread pirates. I'd like a permanent Dread Pirate Slayer. And not some wicked hard to come by prize that you have to go on fishing quests for. Let alchemists create bottles of Dread Pirates Bane that work like the silver tincture does. Or introduce pirate slayer weapons and talismans. It doesn't make sense to me that a melee character ends up in a Mexican standoff against dread pirates.

    3. For the love of all that is holy let me have an organizer for fish, lobsters and crabs. Something akin to the seed tray would be great! Let me drop it into the hold and be able to drop it into my pack to bring it to the house and lock it down on the floor.

    Thanks for reading. Happy Holidays to One and All! :-) 

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