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    Pawain said:
    Bilbo said:
    Kyronix said:
    @ ChaosNExus - the talisman relate to cartography crafting only.  They do not offer a direct +skill bonus.  The new minor artifact Cartography glasses will increase your skill and benefit Treasure Hunting.
    So the Cart. Tallies only apply to this
    Minimum Requirements for Making Maps
    Map TypeRequired Skill
    Local Map0
    City Map25.0
    Sea Map35.0
    World Map50.0
    Tattered Wall Map50.0
    Eodonian Wall Map65.0 (recipe required)
    Star Chart00.0

    The Talismans increase the % chance to create a cartography crafted item, just like they did before and the other crafting Talis do now.  Cartography crafting does not have exceptional items so there is only an increase to the chance to make.

    They do not reduce the required skill.
    Look at the menu posted of what a Cart Crafter can make and to only apply that tally to that and not all Cart abilities is a joke.  Cart is one of the few skills that has a dual ability and to limit the tally to only crafting, why.  What other crafting skill has other uses in game like Cart, make maps (crafting), decode T-Maps (non-crafting) and now finding treasure chests (another non crafting).  I started a T-Hunter and the tally worked with decoding and now it will no longer help with that and it will not help digging up chests, what use is the tally really.  The only time you make that stuff is when you are training Cart.
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    Unless someone can give me a guide on how to work the darn things, if I dig up a chest and find it's trapped with a slider puzzle I plan to loot the guardians, cut my losses and remove the chest unopened. I can't make head nor tail of them. The other two puzzle types I managed to get my head around freeing tiger cubs and unlocking Khaldun chests, though I'm still not sure I'll have anything left in the chest by the time I solve them, but I can't do the sliders.
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    Why is T-Hunting becoming so complicated, from what I understand was T-Hunting was a relaxing activity like fishing and alls people wanted was an upgrade to the loot?
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    @Petra_Fyde ;
    I was messing with the training kits from the Britain commons.
    Honestly, I had no idea what "slider traps" meant when I read the publish notes. Now that I see it, I remember having a real one of those when I was like 5, with little plastic squares. Used to drive me nuts.

    Looking at it now, they are simply a series of 4 overlapping "wheels" that turn clockwise or counter-clockwise, with a shared center tile. With a little practice (and the guides sure to come in the wiki's!) they'll be a quick solution.

    The artwork for them so far looks great! I wonder how many pictures there are?

    It seems the purpose in limiting the Cartography Talisman to just affecting the crafting portion of Cartography is to keep the mechanic of crafting talismans similar across skills.
    The non-crafting uses of Cartography are getting a buff, the same buff, that other non-crafting skills get (+5 Mining Gloves, +5 Lumberjacking Hatchet). To me it is actually nice to see similar mechanics across systems.

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    PSA: If you have chests that give you the message "The treasure chest fell apart for some reason..." it is likely a Ranger chest. Throw it away and get some new ones. With the removal of the barbarian chests, these pre-release 2 maps will no longer work.
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    All players was some better loot in chest not less and more junk so now you're going to ruin T maps. I guess one less thing to do in the game which l like do do when nothing was going on in game 
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    Why are we removing content that was perfectly fine, players just wanted a bump to the loot.  If they wanted to add a new level of treasure map with increased difficulty it should of just dropped in a level 7 Tmap and been new content in addition to the old. 

    We are a retro game for gods sake. 
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    Thanks for testing!
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