16 bugs to be fixed for publish 100 please.



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    @Mervin time to stop with the pet auto log:  From todays meet and greet:

    Watcher: one big vote for not to remove the login to retrieve pets fix
    Watcher: last week was at EM event with monsters that shove you away from them
    from them
    Mesanna: we are not touching that
    Watcher: pet was shoved into an inaccessible wall area at gargoyle shrine
    Watcher: only way was to log in and out to retrieve the pet
    Watcher: in ilshenar
    Watcher: so thats for leaving that in!
    Mesanna: we are not changing login for pets
    Watcher: awesome
    Watcher: much appreciated
    Mesanna: no problem
    Watcher: have a great evening

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  •          Sorry Mervyn, but if you worry about a person's pet disappearing while raiding a champ spawn (in which you probably don't even seen a PS), then your too busy being distracted by the players that are actually winning the fight. I always ignored pets until the tamer was dead because they are just laughing at you for being distracted on their pet instead of targeting other players. The reason Mesanna won't bother with this, also, is because many players have lost their bonded pet when the lost connection to the game. It was intentionally meant for pets to disappear when you logout and it has been around for as long as I can remember. I do appreciate you sharing your side of the argument, but until you play a tamer, you won't know how crappy it is to lose a pet especially when you spend millions on 120 scrolls to train the pets. I have lost several pets myself and I can tell you that I will never forgot about the frustration and anger I had.
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    My main is an animal tamer. 
    I tell you the truth, tis better to do 10 damage on the right target than 100 damage on the wrong target.

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