can we have a serious discussion about the spawn and raiding situation



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    Riner said:
    @ popps Instead of simply reading about the game try playing it you will find that your results are different. As I said 100% chance of a map - meaning every corpse. Approximately 100ish maps an hour. 

    Now this subject has been completely derailed and has nothing to do with the original discussion so I'm out. Hopefully, it will get locked to end the senseless nonsense.
    If it has been derailed, it is not my fault.

    The topic was Champion Spawns and their scripting with Monitoring BOTs and I just mentioned the addition of 115 PS to treasure Maps to better deal with this one issue (that is, making the scripting less usefull if players had alternate ways to get Powerscrolls) then other posters kepts asking about Treasure Maps to which I could not help but replying.

    If people do not want Threads to be derailed, then can refrain from keeping asking fellow posters about game issues which do not relate to the topic at hand thus forcing them to have to reply to their queries.
  • Solo champs Popps why are you hiding ?
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    I think this circular discussion has gone on long enough.
    @popps, 115s in treasure maps was considered when powerscrolls in maps were introduced. The developers decided against it. They had reasons for that decision and are unlikely to re-consider as the reasons will obviously still exist.

    I believe the main problem the OP is experiencing has been addressed through DM, so I will close this thread.
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