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  • Please don't fix but actually it's were you finish the quest that maters not were you start or do the quest. The map is of the shard you accept the reward in (last step)
  • If I remember correctly the developers said the Fel luck bonus isn't applied to everything so that is why it doesn't show up on character sheet. What exactly it works on and doesn't I have no idea.
  • Welcome Back Feel free to give a call on "General" chat if you need a hand with anything. Usually on as Al Revelstoke
  • If you aren't macroing why would you leave you char in game?
  • Isn't AFK against the rules? You don't seem to be talking about a quick "bio" brake so sorry no sympathy.
  • Lord_Frodo said: McDougle said: duegeonies said: So if I have a bonded pack horse that i have had for a few years now... are you telling me that it will be deleted if i dont log on that character every 24 hours or stable it... e…
  • Please stay on topic  "Skin" changes appearance of pet with no change to Game Play. "Saddle" would be a major change and a whole other discussion. Probably a lot more work for the programers and artist as well. 
    in Triton Skins Comment by Tim September 20
  • Another option is Have all the fish in one bag or container. Maybe an Agent to move them then there. Use action "Store Default Object 1" to target the bag this will stay set until you change it The macro would run as  Target Default Object 1 Dag…
  • I'm hoping for slug (Triton) skins. I don't care what they look like I just want to be able to tell mine from all the others.
  • Hummm I always thought wrestling on a mage was to reduce chance of spell disruption. You learn something every day.
  • Hint: When doing the "Hag's" quest the map will be of the shard where you accept the reward not were all the "work" was done.
  • From my reading of all the articles on "Luck" it is a subtle effect and will NOT guarantee you a better item the is normally posable. It will just make the probability of getting the best posable item more likely.  For example take a loot bag set t…
  • Not to start the client war again but most of what you want is in the base EC.  I think the only thing I see that EC doesn't do is pull the health bar off opponent. Give it a try you might like it. "Come over to the dark side we have cookies" 
  • For TC sounds like a great idea.  I would actually suggest wiping everything on TC every week unless something special is going on.
  • Looks like a bug to me have you tried "Preform Full File Check"? I'm not getting anything like that with EC.
  • And piss off all the other players who aren't American when they didn't do it for our celebrations. As in today July 1st for Canadians.
  • Slightly off topic but. I hope everyone moving is using House Teleportation tiles when moving.
  • Probably then I left to change it. If you do it often enough you get real good at changing password. Just to be clear I do not recommend this solution but it does work. If I screw up and give you my password you still need to figure out my account …
  • A multiple key trigger that is well away from anything I would normally use. As I said a major risk but I am willing to and have changed password when I do screw up.
  • I just set up a keyboard macro. (keyboard software) It is a major security risk but one I am willing to take. Judge you own willingness to take that risk.
  • Merus said: Tim said: Every time this comes up I'm reminded of an interview I saw with the chief mathematician for the local lottery.  As he said the odds of 1,2,3,4,5,6, with the bonus number of 7 coming up are exactly the same as an…
  • Every time this comes up I'm reminded of an interview I saw with the chief mathematician for the local lottery.  As he said the odds of 1,2,3,4,5,6, with the bonus number of 7 coming up are exactly the same as any other 7 numbers. Also the odd of t…
  • Standard answer I gave to new D&D player back in the day when they questioned the GM (me) about why they were suddenly dead.  DON'T STAND IN THE GOO.
  • In EC you can also skip the macro completely. Just drag any spell from any spell book to a hotbar  then right click it to select target (self, cursor or current target) right click again to set hot key.  Same method works for many items as well. F…
  • Just one comment  The site you source is an add service and I can't find any description of where they get their numbers. I know EA and the others do not release their numbers so I would be interested where the numbers come from.
  • Not an issue. If for some reason you think it is may I point out Magincia Pet Vendors.
  • Whats the fun of a dungeon crawl with nothing in it you have to run from?
  • Footwear for the the trade in / collection sets as in "boots of Ice" to make the manikins look complete. Also if it isn't already. Since it is a limited time event and may be never to be repeated. NO rare drops from the sets. I've gotten over 200 "…
  • Thanks Mariah I usually use a tamer with a blue beetle/whirlwind hence the piles of dead. But I'll have to take my melee  fighter out and give it a try. I have a harvesters blade but don't usually use it because I don't want the meat. I hadn't not…
  • A little off topic but since the wife burnt through 100k spined for that ------ elf I'm out harvesting leather again. As an exercise I was trying to come up with a macro to harvest the leather when I'm standing in a pile of lizardman corpses. The be…