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  • Yeah, just like the devs, I'm not reading through 200 comments    I was looking for a quick bullet point list
    in Fey spawn Comment by LordSolor May 2
  • So I just came back to have a look around... can anyone explain what the problem is?  Besides the event not also being in Fel, which seems totally insane.  
    in Fey spawn Comment by LordSolor May 2
  • Is this spawn still going on?  If so where is it?
  • I want to like this but Just reading this thread is depressing. I have no desire to fish or haul around resources or repair boats or fire cannons at NPCs. Looks like the same buggy mess.  Is there any worthwhile new PvM content planned? Sounds like…
  • @kryonix I quit playing when High Seas originally came out b/c it looked buggy and terrible.  I had no desire to fish for days on end or cook things and it had zero PvP content. Since I started playing again a year ago I’ve bought everything under t…
  • amit said: I disagree with you. Now those items are considered rares and sold for plats/hundreds or dollars. Very few players farmed those items and have access to them. Why give a small % of players ridiculous items like that only just to n…
  •  Ok crazed mages, time to serious up.  @Bleak and the dev team are gonna pitch this change to the stakeholders at some scrum meeting and the first question from the producers is gonna be: #1 “What is the problem we are fixing and how much dev-time…
  • Paithan said: Although I think both of these changes are terrible-  Why did you not include the broken 4/6 chiv on the list of spellcasters?  It is the most broken spellcaster in game. If you are going to go through with either of these awful…
  • I've encountered "odd" issues with my macros (I'm an American playing in America on a German OS, I use a German keyboard) and I just chalked it up to no one at Broadsword being in charge of localization. The state of the localization in this game i…
  • @Mesanna @Bleak  This is your community telling you that a major feature is BROKEN.  Show us you care and tell us how you are planning on fixing it.
  • Diabolical said: I don't see the point of changing something that isnt broke.   I cant wait for a video from this Merlyn guy that says everyone afks the roof on a tamer. Would really like to see how he holds his own up there.  Agree wit…
  • "Adjusted Travesty’s wrestling skill"  Ummm... up or down?...Spellweaving spell “Word of Death” will now have the correct minimum skill requirement displayed in the spellweaving book. So does that mean my cu with 24 SW skill will still non-stop spam…
  • Well, 20 years after I started playing UO, I'm a game dev now myself.  (On another game, obviously.)  It's funny, we're currently having the same discussion with our MMO.  It would massively streamline development if we could kill our classic cl…