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  • Dot_Warner said: I'm not sure we're playing the same game then...    OMG literally just LOL'd THAT Dot is some real funny stuff!! good one
  • Yes.  On GL it is I think, Avatar #'s 1-25 or so that does the spamming. I was thinking, how could that account not be banned after the first time they spam an advertisement like that. Yet night after night, spam after spam after spam after spam aft…
  • I JUST had this happen to me. (Or something like it) I was logging back in to change over to another account. I entered my info, picked my shard, picked my toon and it froze up on me completely.  I had to end up exiting out. I hit my shortcut for UO…
  • Yes, it would be great to get that up and running. Not just the trash turn in points, couldn't it be set up for all of the donation places also? I do not remember if that was talked about.  I know that I would actually collect more items while hun…
  • I would be scared to learn that number!!!! hehe
  • Bubblegum, Thank you very much for the post!
    in Maximum Luck Comment by Zapp March 2018
  • @MissE Wow, great ideas and thoughts thinks I.  Side note: I pretty much only use my dragon turtle as my combat pet. It is, or at least I guess used to be considered, a good one, so I never did really look into the whole pet training thing.  So…
  • But.... but.... but....  Then you would have to have a disagree button for sure!! I bet it would be used more often than an agree button. LOL
    in Like Button? Comment by Zapp March 2018
  • Exactly!!! Mouse options for macros.... Yes!!! All of the extra macro options available in the EC are pretty neat. Believe it or not, just two days ago was when I found out about the dress macro. Lol And with all of the other macro options I looked …
  • Holy cow, I know right????? I noticed this same thing in my solo doom runs.  What I do now is just keep a real close eye on them.... The second it turns color... I run away and heal hehe.  I hope someone chimes in with good intel. 
  • Some thoughts, Please don't nerf my beetle, on the very rare cases that I actually go mining, I want my beetle with me. And my trusted packies too The idea of a type of timer for mining sounds really good. Face it, for most people, 2-3 hours a d…
    in ORE AND WOOD Comment by Zapp March 2018
  • Great post for returning players.  Could you also give a good idea where / how to get the better items nowadays? A lot of returning players might have the time to hunt but not the resources needed to buy some of these new awesome items.  I know from…
  • Yeah, a like button would be cool!