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  • You could try Pinco's UI for the EC.  It adds a lot of functionality to the EC and has a number of pre-made macros that you can import.  The Discord for Pinco's is is another UO Discord.
  • I didn't post about this to start a seige vs production shard fight. I play on both the seige and the production shards, I like the variety. As was stated by someone earlier, this is a quality of life item. It's not going to give anyone an advantag…
  • Arnold7 said: To find the chest I use the hot bars: one horizontal and one vertical.  I put the treasure map on the left side of the screen and the in game map on the left.  I also make the hot bars as long as possible. I then line the vertic…
  • CovenantX said: the fel side became active (on LS at least), I'm assuming shortly after you posted @ keven2002 keven2002 said:  @ Kyronix - is this event supposed to be in Fel too? On LS, I went to the Fel side to test the spawn and …
  • Cinderella said: does anybody know if there is a public Davie's locker on Atlantic? I know Sonoma has one at the rune library in Luna (East of the moongate) There's one on the second floor of Opalala's Library in Trammel at 74n 44e (Just…
  • This could be a possibility.  Her Cu Sidhe is Chivalry trained and i guess it could be Holy Light.  I'll have to watch for this the next time we do maps.
  •   Scuttled would mean that I purposely sunk my own ship.  Scuppered also means the same thing, but can also mean to prevent from working.  So scuppered would be the correct term  And yes I did dry dock it last night, and it has fixed itself after…
  • No, the tillerman isn't saying we've been scuppered.  The graphic hasn't updated and if it try to access the tiller to steer the ship it says that the ship is scuppered and to initiate emergency repairs.  According to the tillerman the ship is prist…
  • You can go the Mystic Mage route.  It's not a pure mage but gives you a good summons (Rising Colossus) that can tank most anything plus other useful spells. 120 Mysticism 120 Focus (or Imbuing) 120 Magery 120 Eval Intelligence Your preference on t…
  • Hi beautiful!