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  • I want a Demon Cameo, but i dont want do the roof i think it dont fit my style of play, because that the uo devs need change the whole game and make cameos drop when i chop a tree, because its how i want.
  • Cookie said: @ the_higgs_1 and @ arielhardy  - fantastic points, and all pointing back to the interlinking and balance of the game between roles and templates.PvPers with their suits have it every bit as hard as tamers with pet scrolls - if n…
  • A good pvp suit you can buy 120's scrolls to 10-20 pets, a good jewel from roof you can buy scroll to 2-3 pets, its a sandbox, you can't force everyone to play the way you want just because you aren't using a char that is made for a situation (champ…
  • Arroth_Thaiel said: Uh, let's tone down the hype train a bit... The developer's never said biggest update ever. Take a deep breath. From the January 2020 newsletter: "To build on that legacy and bring Ultima Online to the largest audience ev…
  • I open a page at the time i post this topic, still waiting for a gm
  • I will copy some of yours npc. so cool.
  • yes i love deco the castle to looks like i'm not playing alone.
  • It work that way since hm 2005? Its a well know glitch, i don't think its an exploit. But if its intended or not is up to the devs. If change the pvp guys will cry a lot hehe
  • I think he's talking about nowdays don't drop itens with 10+ mods, like some months ago, roof legies are with 8 mods, sometimes you see a 9 mod in exodus. And the noname is because usually only mobs in Eodon don't drop loot legendary (8+ mods) with…
  • i dont think comp bows drop, i did a lot of the invasion event have a lot of heavyxbow, crossbow and repeating but no bow and comp
  • Acid_Rain said: Seth said: ...are you trying to balance or make a template completely useless? I think what you are doing is the latter. Same thought. ArielHardy said: The parry chance for PvP attackers will be reduced fo…
  • The parry chance for PvP attackers will be reduced for defenders that have over 720.0 total skill points. Was the best solution.
  • Would it help to reduce the parry chance if total skill points are over 720 (or slightly higher) , since this would help balance the difference between hybrid templates vs mage/dex templates as Bleak stated? Best solution. agreed.
  • As a main parrymage my 2 cents. Don't make sense nerf parry when the main problem is the evasion+block of bushido + parry + mage. the parrymage (parry wrest mage skills) don't have the dps output a bushidomage, an archer, and dser probably everyoth…
  • My 2 cents, the problem isn't parry, the atual problem is parry + evasion on 850 skill suits, a parry mage counter a dexxer or archer, but any other mage can beat a parrymage, and any archer or dexxer can beat a mage without disarm. So the big pro…
  • Lord_Frodo said: The rules are the same for a paying customer and an EJ customer.  NO scripting or multiboxing. NO they aren't mesanna told on the 20th year party the ej with multibox will be banned, paying accounts with multibox if you ar…
  • i don't saw any gm msg, its the strange part, since mesanna told about an automatic system without gm need show, i'm worried.
  • nkr é gay laudze noob S2
  • Isn't easier just make "that macro program" legal? since EC macros are actually faster then cc ? Its so strange some players complaining about something when Pincos UI and playeredit UI are so faster to run on diagonal, and so faster to cast with a…