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  • Sorry @Petra_Fyde maybe I mislead you when I said a shard for new/returning players, it would be an optional shard choice. New/returning players would not be forced to play it but I’m sure many would wish to. As for being cut off from veteran player…
  • I completely disagree with @Kirthag I don’t think people would feel alone at all, quite the opposite. Firstly, you don’t know how many people would play the shard so you are only speculating a low population. And I think there would be a high popu…
  • no, not to start again on prodo shard, you just play on the new shard and never move to prodo. I am very confused why you don't understand the advantage to new players/returning players. Maybe you get existing players start a char there too if the…
  • seems @bleak edited the publish 103 notes after on January 4th 2019 okay, from the original publish on October 31st 2018, https://uo.com/wiki/ultima-online-wiki/publish-notes/publish-103/?action=diff&post_type=incsub_wiki&left=18503&rig…
  • From what @mervyn posted on beginning of thread, he/she says it is a bug, i don't think you're supposed to be able to dress without undressing. It does say occupied slots are supposed to be ignored.
  • Maybe because your jewelry has swing speed on it and you have removed the swing speed? Try using the mark of travesty.
  • I just tested it, YOU DO NOT STOP SWINGING, there is like a half a second delay in swing (maybe less) when you swap an entire suit. You definitely don't stop swinging for 1 second per each item... So this is definite exploit of bug to swap item…
  • The_Higgs_1 said: theres a 3rd party program that bypasses the in game delay,  I find this difficult to believe.  I find it doubtful that the 4 second action delay stops you from swinging. If it does, there is a balance issue as mages are…
  • do you really stop swinging for 4 seconds? Because you can still cast spells in the cooldown. I have seen people do it, swap to +magery/eval stuff and cast curse and i don't notice any stoppage in attack from them.
  • If an EM mocked Obama, they would probably be fired for racism.
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  • I have noticed this forum becoming as left wing as uostratics. Lots of extreme left wing views get posted here that don't get removed but instead are welcomed. So many people are anti rewarding actual skill gameplay: Lots of posts about how puzzles …
  • Lynk said: To swap items for curse scroll would be horrible.  1 second per item delay to use scroll, 1 sec delay before you can reequip, another 1 sec delay per item before you can swing or use another consumable.  Just.  Stop. I have seen…
  • Why are you talking about giving everyone shard shields? I wanted to play a shard without transfer. It’s not because I can’t transfer. It’s because of what @MissE said but it’s so obvious the reasons that I can’t be bothered to write it.  @Rorschach…
  • I read before you need to put water in the sink
  • Darn. There have been many threads in the past on uostratics on how shard shields ruined the game.  I don’t understand, there are so many shards, why they ruined them all and didn’t leave any unruined?
  • I don’t mind about population or connection, I would just like to play a shard that does not accept shard transfers.
  • Yes, and spellweaving. It’s only slayers that don’t work for these 2. 
    in SDI & Necro Comment by Hermione May 2019
  • What are they actually doing and how is it harming anyone if they are present or afk?
  • Gidge said:I have also stated this before, that feeding your pets the things that don't fill us up as characters quick are not good to feed your pet. Grapes, lettuce, anything that you have to eat a lot of. Even apples were not doing the job for…
  • JenniferMarie said: — Here’s a kicker: At ShadowGuard with a fully trained Phoenix and the stupid Lich comes up. The Phoenix gets Disco’d and unbonds. ok ... I didn’t even know this was a thing that could happen, so at first I was livid. …
  • There was a bug that you cannot alter cuffs of archmage if they were the wrong way around, I haven’t tried but I’m sure it would have been fixed by now unless they are over a year behind: https://forum.uo.com/discussion/884/altering-armour-to-garg
  • Sliss said: TimSt said: My vermin slayer spell book does wonders on the vermin clans in the abyss.  Most die when hit with chain lightning. Slayers do work for AoEs in which the damage diminishes with the number of mobs, such as Lig…
  • it is something they could introduce if they made a new shard that did not accept transfers like Siege. Wasn't there talk of a new fel shard coming?
  • Victim_Of_Siege said: it's the same as the spell that summons Fairies AFAIK,  just for Negative karma characters. iirc fairies summoned by a negative karma character will attack the summoner, fiends will not.   Not sure about Siege but pix…
  • The field spells now appear to have the same range regardless of gameplay window size on CC(16 tiles) seems a little large to me considering spells have a range of 10
  • Sliss said: Hermione said: I will make assumptions that with the new vendor, each item would actually need to take up more than 1 house storage slot, or Mervyn’s theory of people filling up vendors with non desirables or placing items …
    in New Vendors Comment by Hermione May 2019