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  • This thread and the constant whining here is simply LAME! Grow up and move on this game is TWENTY ONE YEARS OLD. Ive listened to people talking in my wife's discord EVERY SINGLE PERSON says over and over if it were not for this third party program o…
  • The_Higgs_1 said: When is something going to be done about these 3rd party programs, it is literally wrecking pvp and making the game boring and stupid.  People are auto-consuming every consumable in game, using wall scripts, script changing …
  • If you all like this then bump it up and keep it visiable.
  • Asuka is apparently after this evening #2 
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  • Ezekiel_Zane said: All I can surmise with a fair amount of confidence is, that there are still a pretty high number of paid accounts.  The number of active players though is another story entirely.  A lot of players are still paying for …
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  • Ezekiel_Zane said: I never even made it to Arctic Island before I found spots on the mainland Trammel.  In total, on all three shards, I found two or three locations for a Trammel keep and at least one spot, on every shard, was good for a …
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  • Bilbo said: So if you are looking to place a then why don't you just ask if anybody knows a spot to place a keep or go to that shard and ask in gen chat.  What you got to play 20 questions or something. I was not looking to ask 20 question…
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  • Your post is very accurate and true. An even better question 20 years ago I can and did understand the logic behind not allowing Castles and keeps to be placed in any locations except Trammel and Felucca. However in the year 2019 there is just no ex…
  • Ezekiel_Zane said: Who knows? Probably something like; Lake Superior Pacific Great Lakes Catskills Asuka, could be higher up the list.  Seems to be the most active Asian shard. So of these what would you say is the most likely to place…
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  • Garth_Grey Posts: 57812:56PM FlagWhy don't you log onto both and then come back and tell us? What are you 2 ? Why don't you just remain silent and not be a troll if you do not have anything useful to say.
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  • Found it! I swear it was over at Skara Brae ,but it is actually north of Minoc. I remember this ,because she talked about it at a convention during the same time period that high seas was launched.
  • Yea I came across that location / post ,but that was not it. I haven't played since December or so and I know it was still there in December. This Map library also had runes to every major city island hags quest. Ore colors and types locations place…
  • So at this time your application is just a viewer it doesn't have any actual mapping ability like UOAM or Cartographer?
  • After reading all of this.  1. NOT Technically true. I disagree over this weekend I wandered Great Lakes Trammel and Felucca. There are Castles and Keeps and Towers every couple of steps. There are a few spots you can get 18X18. 2. Malas having lag.…
  • I also went to the yomotsu mines no drops there
  • Yes I read all of that and specifically used the list view and I am 100% certain I mined black crystalline rock at my house in Malas
  • Ok I just returned I'm confused. My understanding is / was you can place an 18 X 18 custom and Castles and Keeps could not be customized? Has this changed or is that castle cn a non osi shard? No that can't be the case you said 31 X 31 on TC1????
  • That is not correct I have mined crystalline Blackrock where my 18X18 is located in Malas 
  • I am on the great lakes server. I tried both Felucca and Trammel with Blackthorn. I used my tamer with mining got like 1 rock. Used my card both Trammel and Felucca same result one rock. When I mine I am getting all kinds of Blackrock ,but maybe one…
  • wow it is amazing nearly 20 years and some things just never change lol
  • Are you all saying there is perhaps another way to get the appropriate expansion codes as I really need oneore set of codes
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