Great Lakes Tower Rune Library

There is a Tower Rune Library it was I believe placed before the Treasure Map system was revamped. It has runes to all the islands quest locations treasure maps and the treasure map locations worked with the treasure hunters of britannia I thought it was just south of Skara Brae ,but I can not seem to find it anywhere. I had a rune marked to it ,but my rune book got destroyed can someone help me with this?


  • Petra_FydePetra_Fyde Posts: 1,235
    It's a very long time since I researched rune libraries, but if it's still there I think the one you are looking for is: (copy pasted from )

    Treasure Hunters of Britannia

    • Submitted by Blackheath Verified June 3 2010
    • Large Tower located at 52o33’S 0o59’E. Easy to get to from the Britain Moongate, the tower is located at the north end of the donut shaped clearing east of the hedge maze
  • caglecagle Posts: 30
    Yea I came across that location / post ,but that was not it. I haven't played since December or so and I know it was still there in December. This Map library also had runes to every major city island hags quest. Ore colors and types locations places in Malas. I have been in game to the location / coords that isn't it the place I am referring to is near water mass and it is insane I can not find it.
  • caglecagle Posts: 30
    Found it! I swear it was over at Skara Brae ,but it is actually north of Minoc. I remember this ,because she talked about it at a convention during the same time period that high seas was launched.
  • ArronArron Posts: 485
    I have been to that one on Great Lakes. Who is it owned by? Oh never mind. Mesenna I think.

  • TandaTanda Posts: 22
    Yes Mesanna saved the house to preserve it's history. It was originally Silverwood's I believe but they've been long gone. 
  • BilboBilbo Posts: 2,834
    That was nice of UO to keep such a historic house.
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