Pet diversity needed



  • I don't think every tameable pet should have healing - that is part of the "diversity" of being a tamer.

    However, I do agree that we need a better ability to train tameable pets. I have asked a few separate times (once even at a Dev M&G) for "tiny" pets to be able to trained up to 5 slot and trained with a wider variety of skills. I have also suggested (at the same M&G) that pets should act as "slayers".

    It seems to defy logic that a Cu (which is a Fey type) would do more damage to Lady Melisande (also Fey) than a Tsuki Wolf does (which is the opposite Demon type). If pets did damage based on their slayer group, that would go a long way in helping with "pet diversity" and not just have Cu's, Dragons, and Tritons used by 90% of tamers at all PvM and EM events.
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    Not trying to throw shade, but generally speaking people who use healing pets as their main pets, are the same people who prefer to say all kill, cast invis and go afk while their pet does the work. So every logical reason out the window, I would not like to see healing on all pets simply for that reason alone.

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