Drachenfels Developer Meet & Greet 2021

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Last night the developers were on our lovely Shard. Here now follows the protocol, have fun reading!

Gestern Abend waren die Entwickler auf unserem hübschen Shard. Hier folgt nun das Protokoll, viel Spass beim Lesen!


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    Mesanna: one more sec
    Mesanna: and we can get started
    Mesanna: shall we begin

    Mesanna: Good afternoon, thank you for joining us today
    Yellow bug: wow
    Yellow bug: that was fast
    Mesanna: Hi
    Yellow bug: thats want she said
    Yellow bug: hehehe
    Yellow bug: ok 2 ?s
    Yellow bug: one idoc changes really not working out well
    Yellow bug: theres a new script and man there owning it
    Yellow bug: and in fel then have huge pvp team killing ever one
    Yellow bug: may be time to just end them all toghter
    Yellow bug: ever time u fix then just make a new script/program
    Yellow bug: may be time say bye bye
    Mesanna: to idoc's
    Yellow bug: 2nd home palcment
    Yellow bug: yes
    Yellow bug: idocs
    Yellow bug: crew of like 6-7 people
    Yellow bug: useing scripts
    Yellow bug: full castle or 18x18
    Yellow bug: kill all barrels in 60 secs or less
    Yellow bug: 18x18 30 secs
    Yellow bug: go from them cleaning a idoc in 15 sec to 60
    Yellow bug: lol fixs not working
    Yellow bug: time to end them really
    Yellow bug: because every fix does noting
    Mesanna: would love to see a video of this
    Yellow bug: lots out there
    Mesanna: I honestly don't see how that is possible
    Yellow bug: 7 people bring 4-6 toons ever idocs
    Yellow bug: then auto hit barrels
    Yellow bug: and 7 people with their 4-6 toons get 85% of loot
    Yellow bug: not working
    Yellow bug: 15% to the other 30 people real ones lol
    Mesanna: all paid accounts
    Yellow bug: 2nd home placement
    Yellow bug: there one group on atl by tram yew gate
    Yellow bug: they got a new script
    Yellow bug: and out place everrrrr one
    Yellow bug: no one beats them
    Yellow bug: nooo one
    Mesanna: understand
    Mesanna: what is your next question?
    Yellow bug: they do every castle and luna home on other servers too
    Yellow bug: fix home plament
    Yellow bug: raffle stone or some thing
    Yellow bug: 18x18 on atl went from 25m malas to 1p malas
    Yellow bug: no one beats them
    Mesanna: stop a sec
    Mesanna: are you talking about idocs
    Yellow bug: they got like 30 homes fel sell at yew gate
    Yellow bug: yes
    Yellow bug: every time a big home falls they get plot 100000%
    Yellow bug: no one beats them
    Yellow bug: they script placement every home
    Yellow bug: time to ganhe it
    Yellow bug: raffle stone or some thing
    Mesanna: not going that we need to try to fix the exploit
    Yellow bug: make so one acct cant win more then one home a week
    Yellow bug: well go ask the dude on atl by yew gate tram lol
    Yellow bug: team of 3
    Yellow bug: joe ar and scribbles
    Yellow bug: wow every big home last 4 months
    Yellow bug: not one player beat them
    Yellow bug: new people not paying 200 bucks for a home in game
    Yellow bug: want people to stick a round fix that home placement
    Yellow bug: ;]
    Yellow bug: u see more play game
    Yellow bug: so idoc changes and home placement
    Yellow bug: both need fixing
    Mesanna: thank you for your feedback
    Yellow bug: like i said idocs should go bye bye
    Yellow bug: and homes need fixing so houseing cost low gold
    Yellow bug: so lots of people play game
    Yellow bug: 3 dudes should not 100% of homes for sell in a game
    Mesanna: anything else?
    Yellow bug: nope gl
    Mesanna: thank you
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    Drizzt do Urden: hi
    Mesanna: Good afternoon
    Drizzt do Urden: can we be allowed to take pets to the shadowlords battle at ararat ship
    Drizzt do Urden: or at least get the crabs there fixed
    Drizzt do Urden: they have a weird behaviour
    Drizzt do Urden: attacking players when tamed
    Mesanna: whats wrong with their behavior
    Kyronix: the intent of the encounter is to use the provided crabs as an alternative pet
    Mesanna: ahh
    Drizzt do Urden: all the time they do
    Kyronix: since it doesn't make a whole lot of sense if you bring other pets down there, how would they survive?
    Kyronix: they'd drown!
    Drizzt do Urden: then fix the crabs pelase
    Kyronix: we can investigate aggro issues with the crabs
    Drizzt do Urden: and please flip the switch to static resources
    Kyronix: there is no switch to flip
    Drizzt do Urden: well change it back to static resources
    Kyronix: We've talked about that and there are pros and cons that need to be considered
    Drizzt do Urden: artisan festival is hard enough
    Drizzt do Urden: well you consider it for 5 years now
    Drizzt do Urden: nothing happened
    Kyronix: Really not trying to go back to the time when the majority of high end resources were dominated
    Kyronix: by a handful of power-gamers
    Drizzt do Urden: guess who does it now?
    Drizzt do Urden: scripters even more than before
    Kyronix: Changing it to static resources won't solve that issue
    Kyronix: And will only further isolate those high-end resources
    Kyronix: because those nodes are going to be depleted almost immediately
    Drizzt do Urden: I doubt that
    Kyronix: at least now you have a chance to get high end resources with every swing
    Drizzt do Urden: cause I got enough rare resoruces before it got random
    Drizzt do Urden: now its useless hunting for rare resources
    Kyronix: well we look at the totality of the impacts to gameplay, i appreciate your perspective and agree we need to address it
    Drizzt do Urden: especially for wood
    Kyronix: but the solution isn't "just changing it back" to all static
    Kyronix: something more in between then and now
    Kyronix: appreciate your feedback though
    Drizzt do Urden: maybe give the mountains color to know where rare resource is
    Kyronix: we're looking at a different way to handle resources in NLS
    Drizzt do Urden: so i dont have to wander and test every spot
    Kyronix: will see how it takes and evaluate it for the broader game
    Drizzt do Urden: ok thats all
    Mesanna: thank you
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    Nandus: Good evening M and gents
    Mesanna: Afternoon
    Nandus: Can you please give some love to the CC macro editor.
    Nandus: There are some issues with it.
    Nandus: First if you try to change for example the second
    Nandus: macro line of a macro which has three steps or more.
    Nandus: Everything behind the first line is messed up.
    Nandus: Then if you try to repair it, you have to rebuild everything.
    Nandus: Try to scroll down in this macro-editor to a specific spell.
    Nandus: You have to scroll like a troll.
    Nandus: Last about scancodes in the editor.
    Nandus: If i use the num-pad for example to steer a ship with
    Nandus: CTRL-NUMPAD 7 it will store the word
    Nandus: Zehnertastatur for num-pad and didn't work.
    Nandus: Same for other special chars.
    Nandus: it will use the german names
    Nandus: My last issue is a personal one.
    Nandus: Can you please change the "engraved" of the title to the orange form?
    Nandus: thats it
    Bleak: One sec
    Kyronix: From which tool?
    Nandus: CC macro editor
    Kyronix: Engraving?
    Nandus: my name
    Nandus: Engraved: A Flying ...
    Nandus: Title
    Mesanna: looking up to see if the macro issue is already in the system
    Mesanna: one moment
    Bleak: We have the macro issues in the system. I'm not sure when we will be able to address them.
    Mesanna: anything else?
    Mesanna: did we miss anything?
    Nandus: just the title
    Mesanna: no
    Mesanna: that is done by me and I won't change those
    Nandus: good bye, have a nice day
    Mesanna: you also
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    Mesanna: Hello
    Lupino: can we get some more loot items for the dragon turtle
    Lupino: its a hard spawn and you get like 2 or 3 items in the corpse
    Kyronix: We have no plans as of right now to adjust it, but will take it under future consideration
    Mesanna: If you have any suggestions for that encounter please email us
    Lupino: considering the artisan festival, can we get a large bod to any small bod
    Mesanna: love to hear your feedback
    Lupino: this would make the amount of work a little less hard
    Kyronix: Please ellaborate
    Kyronix: Large bods that will accept ANY small bod?
    Lupino: No
    Lupino: For every small Bod around there should be large Bods
    Lupino: There is ton of tinker and inscription small bods without a large bod
    Kyronix: As in additional options for large BODs?
    Lupino: More Large Bods
    Kyronix: Understood, we don't have any plans to update it right now, but will add your request to the backlog
    Kyronix: For a future publish
    Lupino: I liked the update for doom items with recipes
    Lupino: any more to come
    Lupino: ?
    Lupino: or maybe also minor arties
    Kyronix: The Treasures of Wildfire is our next Treasures event
    Kyronix: And we have some rewards slated for that we hope you'll enjoy
    Lupino: they are all outdated
    Mesanna: We are going in a different direction
    Lupino: like?
    Mesanna: and have no specific plans to update those at this time
    Lupino: ok
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    Gargamel: hello
    Kyronix: Hello
    Mesanna: good afternoon
    Gargamel: i want to say thanks for UO after 21/22 years of playing almost everyday i still love it
    Mesanna: thats awesome
    Kyronix: Hooray!
    Gargamel: i also love the new idocs for getting items you guys did great on that
    Gargamel: i get tons of stuff now
    Mesanna: hard to please everyone
    Mesanna: great
    Gargamel: last if you ever add new teles to store could you think about adding one that looks like a door
    Gargamel: i  use them to get thru walls
    Gargamel: i made a door with the new fountain but most dont get thats is a door with a tele switch
    Mesanna: ahh
    Mesanna: that is possible
    Gargamel: many say im one of the cheaters at idocs but i only play one account
    Gargamel: so you cant believe everything some say
    Gargamel: but if you want to come look today on chessy in a few hours a keep is falling
    Mesanna: I like to see things with my own eyes
    Mesanna: I like to see things with my own eyes
    Gargamel: i think many will be there
    Gargamel: its in trammel
    Mesanna: *nods*
    Gargamel: and then maybe if you see me there you can tell those mean folks to stop saying im a cheater
    Gargamel: cause you will see i only play one account at a time
    Gargamel: but anyways thanks for uo
    Mesanna: Thank you
    Gargamel: hope we are still here in 25 more years
    Mesanna: Have a good evening
    Gargamel: enjoy
    Mesanna: me too
    Mesanna: lol
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    Nicnivin: Greetings
    Mesanna: greetings
    Nicnivin: I've got two questions
    Nicnivin: First: I would like to see how many people used a town buff since I last acivated/changed it
    Nicnivin: it is hard to tell if people use them
    Nicnivin: We are asking around which are wanted, but only a counter could tell real acceptance
    Mesanna: we can think about adding the info to make it visible
    Nicnivin: Thank you.
    Nicnivin: My other issue: I like the spellbook satchels
    Nicnivin: it would be even moe useful to have such an item for Weapons
    Nicnivin: my melee always look for that lost dagger in the inventory
    Nicnivin: some weapons are really hard to see
    Nicnivin: if such a satchel would keep all insured or blessed items in place
    Nicnivin: that would make recovering much easier
    Mesanna: we are not going to do a weapon satchel
    Nicnivin: Ok, too bad
    Mesanna: we can think it thru for a later gift but no promises
    Nicnivin: I alwas have to clean my backpack after a death
    Nicnivin: Thank you for your time
    Mesanna: thank you
    Nicnivin: and have a nice evening :)
    Mesanna: you too
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    Mesanna: good evening
    Jane Air: Hi dear dev team, I know you have announced in the next future new server with Legacy, but what is with people who dont want move there and prefer continue to play on their home server, is there any plans of new addon or at least
    Jane Air: or at least some little booster like High Sea?
    Mesanna: later maybe some of it will drift over
    Mesanna: but not all the content will
    Jane Air: And one more question. Could you please create one more cameo talisman with evil slayer on the Shadowguard final encounter.
    Kyronix: As a reward?
    Kyronix: Evil slayer like all shadowguard creatures?
    Jane Air: evil slayer like Scalis
    Kyronix: Boss mobs?
    Jane Air: yes
    Kyronix: Ahh, well the trade off would be 300% increase in damage from said boss
    Kyronix: so, it'd probably get you more death robes
    Jane Air: sorry I cant follow you Sir
    Kyronix: You would take more damage
    Jane Air: evil slayer let me do more damage to the named slayer boss
    Jane Air: nor reversed
    Kyronix: all slayers result in more damage
    Kyronix: from something
    Kyronix: it's a trade off
    Jane Air: I would like to see it as a drop on the roof
    Mesanna: anything else?
    Jane Air: ok that's all thx
    Mesanna: thank you
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    Mesanna: good evening
    Granuja: Greetings, first of all allow me to thank you for giving the community this platform to talk
    Granuja: We may all not be as polite as such an event would demand, but hopefully you can feel the appreciation anyway by people showing up
    Kyronix: Always nice to spend some time with ya'll
    Mesanna: of course we are all just passionate
    Granuja: My first question is about house designs. There might be a reason for it not being available, but I was wondering...
    Granuja: why is the free design option for houses capped at 18x18?
    Granuja: while the available bigger blueprints are awesome, I miss the chance to design my own one
    Mesanna: because the next size is castle
    Mesanna: therefore we started the contests
    Granuja: I see, are there any technical (or otherwise) limitations that would make free design up until 32x32 a bad idea?
    Mesanna: also there are issues with the client
    Mesanna: there are other reasons
    Mesanna: not going to change
    Granuja: understood!
    Granuja: second question: are there any plans to include a transmogrification potion for Cloaks too?
    Mesanna: hrm
    Mesanna: it would be limited
    Granuja: the question probably doesn't make sense as the available options are limited indeed
    Granuja: but perhaps you have plans to introduce more cloak graphics/looks?
    Granuja: it's a formidable element of uniqueness and characterization
    Granuja: and... we all wear the same ones
    Mesanna: that is not going to happen anytime soon
    Mesanna: it would take alot of new art that we don't have space for right now
    Granuja: understood, one last question if I may
    Mesanna: the artist are pretty busy
    Mesanna: sure
    Granuja: are there any plans to bring back some older events for those who missed them due to inactivity or new players, such as the Invasions and so on?
    Mesanna: no to bringing back but maybe a redo
    Granuja: looking forward to that! they bring back a lot of people and nostalgics
    Mesanna: we can look at town invasions for a future global event
    Granuja: please do, I beg of you!
    Granuja: *cheers*
    Mesanna: cheers!
    Granuja: one last question, I promise
    Mesanna: ok
    Granuja: what are your artists busy with!? give us a teaser!
    Mesanna: nope
    Granuja: haha fair enough!
    Mesanna: we are doing a video call this month
    Mesanna: to enlighten you guys
    Granuja: fantastic, looking forward to that
    Mesanna: on what we have been doing
    Mesanna: anything else?
    Granuja: once again thanks for your time, keep up the good work on the best mmorpg out there!
    Mesanna: thank you
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    Mesanna: good evening
    Kivan: hello
    Kivan: can a way get implemented that would allow a tamer to reset his pet or set the pets level back to like it was before the training began and so restore the base pet? Maybe in form of an shop token or something like that?
    Mesanna: no we are not doing that
    Mesanna: we talked about it but have no plans to do this
    Kivan: ok
    Kivan: 2.
    Kivan: I noticed that when the treasure of events are active, you cant provoke monsters at each other, there is a text they started to fight but nothing happens.
    Kivan: was this the plan or some kind of bug
    Mesanna: we will look into it
    Kivan: thanks
    Mesanna: first we have heard of it
    Kivan: happened to me in deceit and ice
    Kivan: also the red undeads dont attack anything there :)
    Mesanna: we will try to confirm this
    Mesanna: ok
    Kivan: and my final question
    Kivan: necromancer spells have no damage bonus form slayer neighter from an slayer talisman nor an slayer book, is there a way to change that?
    Mesanna: talisman are for melee weapons
    Mesanna: slayer books are for casters
    Kivan: yeah but both dont work :)
    Mesanna: ok we can look into it then
    Kivan: thank you
    Mesanna: just needed to make sure I understood you
    Mesanna: anything else?
    Kivan: necromancer spells like posion strike dont work with a slayer book equipped
    Kivan: thats what I mean
    Kivan: nope i am done thank you
    Mesanna: thank you

    Mesanna: good evening
    Lork: hello
    Lork: my question was answered :) thanks
    Mesanna: thank you
    Mesanna: good evening
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    EM Lyraa: Oh!
    Mesanna: did you have a question
    EM Lyraa: Hah! Finally, I have managed to do this once. *grins*
    EM Lyraa: Yep, I am very happy to be here.
    EM Lyraa: No, I have no questions, only a statement:
    EM Lyraa: I love you all <3
    Mesanna: of course Lyraa
    EM Lyraa: Ultima Online and of course Drachenfels.
    Mesanna: awww
    EM Lyraa: Thanks for being on our lovely shard tonight!
    Mesanna: thank you
    EM Lyraa: That was all!
    EM Lyraa: :-)
    Mesanna: *hugs*
    EM Lyraa: *hugs*
    Mesanna: Thanks for having us today
    EM Lyraa: Anytime!
    EM Lyraa: Next weekend would be fine also?
    EM Lyraa: *grins*
    Mesanna: and we will look into those issues brought up
    Mesanna: lol
    EM Lyraa: *grins*
    Mesanna: Night all
    EM Lyraa: Thanks for having US!
    Kyronix: Bye!

    EM Lyraa: That was nice!
    EM Lyraa: Das war nett!
    EM Lyraa: Danke für euer Hiersein!
    EM Lyraa: Thanks for being here!
    EM Lyraa: Until soon my friends!
    EM Lyraa: Auf bald meine Freunde!
  • CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,593
    instead of calling it a weapon satchel
    they should have said weapon strap.

    when thinking satchel, it implies weight reduction
    (because thats what the miners & lumberjack satchels do)


    about BODs...
    I think that would be great for cooking and inscription...

    but I think adding more Large BODs for tailoring and blacksmithing
    would be too much.

    Also I think some items should be taken off the small deeds...
    like nexus core, engraving tools (i know there are others, but these come to mind)
  • CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,593
    about transmog potion for cloaks (back slot)
    I can see people wanting to use one to put their stats onto an invasion cloak.
    the blood stained or the blue are gorgeous colors & it would be a shame that you couldn't do that.
    would also like to be able to add stats to the cloak of the virtuous

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