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    popps said:
    Seth said:
    popps said:

    How about some VARIABILITY in how the drops and the Rewards are awarded from Event to Event ?

    Why cannot there be a ROTATION in what Profession was to get the most drops and best Rewards at any given Event ?

    Does it always have to be Sampires or their variations of who get the most drops and Rewards at any and all Events ?

    Serious ?
    Seriously you could be correct to ask for variability, however, it remains that the monsters created for this hunting event "happens" to be faster for warriors (not just sampires). As I read in Stratics, many players posted warrior (dragoon) template for the event. I also see many players using archers and mages to clear those inaccessible monsters on ledges and ponds.

    In the past, Katalkotl and Khaldun also have rogue elements added, so maybe future events may include them. Who knows.

    BTW, mage-tamers can still get the drops. Consider that I am super lagged out in Atlantic, I used my spellweaving tamer mage to get over 100 drops in Atlantic using a Cu Sidhe and spell attacks. I exchanged for a Morphius epaulette and sold the remaining drops when the price was good. Now I am hunting on a third shard which I play. In all, there is enough time for me to play this event on 3 shards.
    That's odd, though, that also Deceit's Treasure of the Undead Lords was Warriors friendly... as it was also the Invasions (although this is old content) before them....

    What I am trying to say is, that Event after Event, new content after new content, it looks to me that the Template "that works best" is quite often, too often I would say, a Warrior be it a Sampire of variations of it....
    It depends, clearing low level mobs can be warrior or mage using area effect attacks.

    For EM Event Moderator led events, I feel most use mages, tamers or archers, because the bosses are normally very hard hitters.

    For current event boss, it has life taint so my sampire need to turn off necro vampiric embrace. Its only effective for the 4 levels of mob except for those paralysing corpser like tentacles.

    As i said, Sampires are easily beaten.

    We love bugs....
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    I just read through this and saw someone's ideas about manuals for the game. This is a super great idea. Examples:

    1) Dungeons! Should you progress enough in combat skills to best the mongbats and ettins roaming around New Haven. Venture through the moongate and head northward to the elemental dungeon Shame! It would be beneficial to have 60 anatomy and 60 healing so that you can cure the poison of the scorpions! (Show picture of the Scorpions in shame lvl 1.) For the beloved Earth Elementals, one of Ultima's classic monsters, you would benefit from either attacking at long range or having a weapon with life leech, mana leech, stamina leech, and elemental slayers! Should you venture further down into the depths.........  ect.

    2) Crafting Weapons! Your warriors need some good weapons to tackle the many varied beasts of Ultima. Consider either joining a guild so that they can make you weapons, or perhaps you want to make them yourself! It is a good idea to try to reach 100 blacksmithing, 100 bowcrafting/fletching, and 100 imbuing for these weapons. Try out imbuing to add Hit Life Leech, Hit Mana Leech, and Hit Stamina Leech as well as Hit Lower Defense or Hit Lower Attack! There are also slayer and super slayer mods than can be imbued into each of your weapons with Imbuing. (Go in depths about weapon properties.)

    3) The City of Luna! Wondering where all the players tend to hang out? Try to venture through the moongate and select Malas to venture to the city of Luna! This is the city of commerce with vendors surrounding the great walled city.

    4) Where do People Hang Out? People in Ultima have migrated from the cities of Moonglow and Vesper and such and tend to congregate in the City of Commerce that is Luna! Players also frequent Britain bank still, on the west side of town where there is an arcane circle that players can use for Spellweaving to get their arcane gem for the day. Also, players focus on current events in Ultima. For last Halloween, Dungeon Deceit was usually full with about 100-200 players scouring the depths for magical artifacts to turn in for rewards!

    5) How to make Gold in Ultima. There are quite a number of ways for new players to get ahead in Ultima Online. First and foremost, frequent events where players are killing monsters for you to stack up the gold from those corpses! There are also houses falling all the time with items that fall to the ground when the houses collapse! To find the locations, visit the Royal Architects in each city. They will tell you the coordinates of houses near collapse. Visit the locations and the house sign will display how long it has left until it falls! Have fun, and enjoy gathering decorations and equipment for your characters! Should you build up your blacksmithing, tailoring, tinkering, or bowcraft / fletching skills enough, you can also try your hands at the BOD system in Ultima, where city blacksmiths and tailors will make you rich by completing BODs that their city requires! You can also try out city Trade Quests! (Go into details about each of these.... ect....)

    6) Character Setup! Your character has maximums in several categories that you can gain both on your own, and from armor/weapons! The maximum skills that you can gain are.....(ect.) Certain skills provide synchronous bonuses as well, such as Anatomy and Evaluate Intelligence! These two skills combine to give your character an effective wrestling ability, even with 0 points in wrestling! If your character uses these two skills, you will gain an advantage against melee opponents! It would also prove useful if you have healing to go with the anatomy! A lot of warriors today discard their shield, and have mastered the use of powerful two handed weapons so that they may take advantage of the combined effects of bushido/parrying! Parrying alone allows you to block with a shield. But if you raise your skill in bushido, the shield will help you less and less. But you will gain powerful abilities, such as Confidence (for healing) and Evasion (for blocking magical attacks!). You will also be able to block more effectively than when you had your skill, thanks to the Japanese tradition of blocking with a weapon! (This can be expanded to about 5 pages.....)

    7) Events in Ultima!

    8) Taming in Ultima!

    9) Mysticism.... summon a monster much more powerful than the energy vortex from a traditional mage! Summon the Collosus!

    Have these short and simple..... and make a help tab in game with the tutorials. They can click on New Player Help and read anything they want In Game..... no websites. New players will never go to a website to learn how to play that game. Take them to Luna! Show them the players! Players will help out greatly..... but I seriously want you guys to consider..... that most new players go to Moonglow or Britain on a low population shard and it is utterly empty. Start them in LUNA!!!!! That will give Ultima hundreds of more players that stay. I promise. Every time I meet a new player, I ask them if they know where Luna is? They say.... "No. What is Luna?" They are so glad after I show them.... but I am certain there were 1000's that have came and went thinking Ultima was empty now with no players. They never got that benefit of finding Luna.
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