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    The beacons spawn a lot East and South East of Crane Marsh in the Tokuno Islands facet.  And I do mean a lot. I've seen three beacons spawn in the same area at the same time several times.
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    I encountered this the other day as they are now called thanks to @Sliss ... It's a plunderbeacon squadron comment, TIE fighters!
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    Gidge said:
    KHAN said:
    Not to my knowledge. Just saying "start tracking" works for me. Now, keep in mind, it does seem like it STOPS tracking after 3-5 minutes (I haven't timed it) but then I just say start tracking again, if I haven't found something to fight.
    yeah, it has a time limit. It seems my tiller is hard of hearing and I have to say it 3-5 times before anything pops up. Since it covers a range of 200 tiles, you can kind of get a nice swath of area before moving to a new place. It won't pick up a new thing on the other side of a server line, but if you have something already showing an arrow and cross a server line, it will continue to track it.

    Move your tillerman right beside you and he/she won't miss as much. However you'll still sail right up on a ship that didn't show on radar, at least that happens to me nightly. The server knows where every wandering healer is on the entire globe, it would be nice if it would also show every ship of every type. It's possible, they just won't do it.
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    Please make the Grizzled Mare a 5 slot mount, it's incredibly rare and deserves it. Some of us have been waiting a long time for this simple addition.
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    Thanks for the info on tracking beacons and ships. I will give it a try soon I hope.
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    @Kyronix I forgot about this.

    Bottles or other drink containers have no way to be displayed. Shelves can only hold one. Counters or bars can only hold one I have a huge collection of bottles and jugs from the past. The only way I have found to display them is one per tile around my roof.

    Is there something y'all can come up with to display the bottles and jugs?

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    Nice suggestion, Pawain.

    Since the cannon thread is locked, I would like to add one more conclusion to that discussion here. Because the Cu!verin is cheaper to build, it is probably also cheaper to repair.

    Overall, I'm having fun with the High Seas.
    Seems like turning in the trade cargo should have a similar payoff as the city trades. Providing income for the city is nice, but if it comes to a choice between a shoulder parrot or a donation to the city, it's really not a hard decision.
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    If the cargo gave half value to the City, I would be happy.
    Focus on what you can do, not what you can't.
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    Pawain said:
    If the cargo gave half value to the City, I would be happy.
    That would have been a good idea, have a pirate at each city that will buy your loot and give half the value of it to the city and half in doubloons. and their story could be about how they would switch the good resources with less desirable ones.  
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