Lol at this bad game (2 quest engines)

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I didn’t quite believe it when I read it on a deleted thread but this game really does still have 2 quest engines. How has this happened?

And even more unbelievable, it’s not even only old quests that use the old engine. The newer Hawkwind the time lord quest to get a book of masteries uses the old engine.

i cannot believe we pay for this game.
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    if you count certain global events there are three.

    The Devs of this game tend fo go out of their way to make sure things are inconsistent A F., they have done so since the beginning pretty much.
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    Slow day Mervyn? 

    only other comment is Duuuu well yes 
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    If there is an actual purpose to this thread other than trolling please let me know and I'll consider re-opening it.
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