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  • TyrathTyrath Posts: 542
    popps said:
    Lord_Frodo said:

    Guess Skippy has never done a store bought transfer

    Logging into your new shard, your packing crate will open for you to unpack. Two boxes are already unpacked for you, your bank and stable. Use the context menus (right click) on the remaining containers and pets and select ‘unpack container’ or ‘unpack pet’.
    Your transfer crate must be emptied within 7 Days or anything you had in the crate will be lost.

    And who does a Xfer with out logging in ASAP to get their Char and have a plan where all the stuff is going, looks like a little planning is required but that may be beyond some peoples ability.

    It looks to me, that the player still needs to "manually" unpack the pack animals....

    "Use the context menus (right click) on the remaining containers and pets and select ‘unpack container’ or ‘unpack pet’. "

    What if, whatever the reasons, the players cannot do it within the 24 Hours ?

    The Packies and all of their contents stored in their packs would be gone because of this new change and this, regardless that the Transfer Crate stays up for 7 Days ?

      I would like to think that the packys would be safe in the transfer crate, They are now.  Been a few times RL got in the way of a transfer and it was 3-4 days before I could log in and unpack the transfer crate.  I much prefer shard shield transfers no pets allowed in them :)  But sometimes a pack and bank box just won't do and you need 5 packys to relocated junk to another shard.

  • MariahMariah Posts: 2,975Moderator
    I think I'm going to lock this until we have some clarification on exactly what is happening with pack animals. @kyronix & @Bleak. Please advise.
  • MariahMariah Posts: 2,975Moderator
    Some clarifications.
    1. autostable is an offline facility where pets can be stored till their owner logs back in - it is not your stable
    2. Transfer crates can hold pack animals and are stored on the player. They're not in autostable and they're not classed as in-game. They're safe till you unpack them.
    3. Pack animals that are mounted are stored on your character and can not be lost.

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