Enabling Journal Timestamp in EC Pushes Text Off Screen

KhyroKhyro Posts: 200
In EC, when you enable Chat timestamps, longer lines of text will wrap incorrectly and be partially cutoff from the journal.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. In EC, enter text into the chat window. You should include short entries and longer entries
  2. Go into the Journal options and enable the "Show Timestamp" option
  3. Observe the text wrapping oddly on the longer entry
  4. Use CTRL+Q to resend your longer entry, or re-type it
  5. Observe the longer entry now getting cutoff incorrectly
  6. Disabled the "Show Timestamp" option, chat appears normal
  7. Re-enable the "Show Timestamp" option, the issue persists
Expected Result
Enabling Chat Timestamps should not cause text to wrap incorrectly or become cutoff in the Journal

Video of the Issue:

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