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been doing em events for about 3 years now and still yet to get drops on 9 differ servers. pretty sure this is mess up. 3 years no drop on them, thought then fix this. time to fix it. may be make it so  get points for killing mods and boss at events and a  turn in vendor with em items and items to pick from. because 3 years and not a drop on 9 servers and like 5 other's 1 drop in 3 years is super bad. the multi boxers get 3-5 at ever event. and i go with one get get none for 3 years  for 9 servers and 5 servers 1 drop. want i got to do play 20 years to get 1 drop per server. want a joke. fix this bs. make it fair and more fun.


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    I feel there should be a clicky for each player who is there to get a reward.
  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 416
    What’s you template?  Maybe someone reading this can give you some advice. 
  • stevensteven Posts: 49
    archery and it works some servers i get  a drop ever 3 or 4 months on about 9 of them, then 9 none in 3 years. and 5 one drop in 3 years. its a joke and needs to be fix vendor clicky want ever u got to do fix it. not going to wait 20 years for one drop at a  em event lol 
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    Hey ido**uy, I thought you were quitting UO , AGAIN? What happened?
    If you sell UO items for R.L. $$$, you need to quit playing UO , and get a BETTER R.L. JOB!
  • You do events on 23 different servers? (9+9+5.) Same template every time? Wow. You're a much better, and much more dedicated, player than I am. How do you keep track of which storyline you're playing at any given moment? Do you port the character around a lot or did you make nearly identical templated characters on 23 shards?

    Roleplay wise your character kind of reminds me of those Michael Moorcock characters who were always being transported around to each others' universes.

    Anyway....Sorry just got fascinated there for a moment.

    Any chance you're just losing track of which of the 23 different servers you're on at any given moment? (Yesterday I just about broke another game I play because I was moving around files and forgot which folder I was in for a moment. Nearly overwrote a critical game file with an older modded file. If I were playing 23 different servers in UO I'd easily forget if I was on, say, Great Lakes or Lake Superior, or Baja or Sonoma.)

    Even assuming not, frankly, with 23 servers and 3 years' worth of events, your results are better overall than mine playing on 1 shard. And UO's infamously buggy and streaky RNG is more than enough, in my estimation at least, to explain your results adequately.
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    Think it’s based on damage done.  Maybe necro, chivalry or mastery would help.  I play a mage and team up with others to defeat the difficult ones.  Death ray mastery made a huge difference for me.  Don’t do archery but maybe others that do can help.
  • Arnold7 said:
    Think it’s based on damage done.  Maybe necro, chivalry or mastery would help.  I play a mage and team up with others to defeat the difficult ones.  Death ray mastery made a huge difference for me.  Don’t do archery but maybe others that do can help.

    From everything that's been said in public it's a combination of damage dealt, damage taken, and damage healed that determines loot rights and the item can go to anyone that has loot rights.

    So the "top damagers," in theory, aren't guaranteed drops anymore, they just have the best chance because they'll always have some points.

    I can tell you this much definitively.

    1 - I get an item sometimes and I'm not the best player and I don't have the best characters. (Indeed my two mains are just close variations on similar templates.)

    2 - My getting an item is not always from bosses that my character seems suited to. Sometimes it's one of those bosses that rips fighters to shreds, and I'll still get one.

    3 - I have in general found survival to be better than death. (I suppose this'd be because when dead you are no longer taking or inflicting damage, you're just standing there.)
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    EM events are platinum grade rares.  Keep it that way.  Do the events i.e.  wildifire  for the uber non-platinum rares.
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    If you sell UO items for R.L. $$$, you need to quit playing UO , and get a BETTER R.L. JOB!
  • stevensteven Posts: 49
    sorry but people are quilting. the events are not fair or fun. so dont do any changes and lose more players easy as that. so do changes keep players and $$$ or dont and lost $$$
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    They can give me the drops they got if they are quitting. PM here for pick up shard.
  • stevensteven Posts: 49
    that's it bro there not getting them lol. no fun if the gold sellers get them all. again la last night never got a drop over 3 years there. i seen mulboxers with 3-6 bots per lol. why i went from 11 accts to 3. the events are a joke. no drop in 3 years yea some thing is wrong. like i said a vendor with points be cool. the bots dont even kill trash or help at the event just hit boss. 
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    make them shard bound and give one to everyone if they have no "value" would there be bots....
  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 416
    Steven sorry you don’t get many drops. My player is not that great compared to most of the others but he still gets a drop maybe for every half hour he plays.  He does get killed a few times each session but as he learns the terrain not as often as before.  Will tell you what he does.
    1. kill everything you can handle alone.  
    2. Play in areas where there are other players so you can team up on the bigger stuff.
    3. Resurrect dead players if you can.
    4. Mark some runes for key locations inside the dungeon so you can start where you want, avoid areas taken over by paragons and recall to another location when you need too.
    5. Look for areas your player can realistically work without getting killed.
    6. Learn the terrain so you know escape routes and don’t get stuck trying to escape.
    7. It’s more fun if you can party with another player but it’s not required.
    8. Maybe consider just working one shard with a moderate number of participating players for awhile until you start getting drops.
    9. Know which slayers and kinds of weapons you need.
    10. Realize there are things you can’t kill solo no matter how hard you try.  Just move on.

    Maybe you already do these things.  This is just what works for me.  This dungeon is much more difficult than the Ice Dungeon was.  Hope that this helps.

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    @Arnold7 - I think he's talking about the once weekly EM events that only drop a handful of "event drops" which are 99% decoration items.
  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 416
    Thanks for the clarification.
  • stevensteven Posts: 49
    yea the em events. i talk to a lot of people. then just don't them. think some kind of vendor for points is needed.even if items are shard bound or some thing. some thing needs to be done
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