Someone please nerf Holme's Abomination!



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    I'm still confused champ spawns get done solo or two people all day every day that's what the threat of reds raiding any developed character can do it so is the issue you need help being taught on your home shard or are people just angry they can't make a noob mage on shards they otherwise spend no time on and cast some bs and get a reward...
    These are not traditional champ spawns. While it varies per shard the Holmes abomination has way, way more hit points (in the order of 10x or 20x) and far more abilities than your average Piper. Without enough players to overcome the Abomination's hit point regeneration (which is considerable) one or two players cannot cause enough cumulative damage to eventually kill the boss.

    Debuffs. I use my Disco/Tamer with his FWW+PB Najasaurus to tank and AoE the spawn, and when the boss pops, i recall out, grab my RC+AP Fire Beetle, and recall back to the Champ. I'll also bring in my Death Ray Tamer/Mage © with his 120 Disco+CB Triton. Between 120 Disco+RC+CB+DR+AP+HLA+HLD, the boss starts to melt, especially with a group on him. I can drop him down to 16 Energy Resist that way.
    On all but a couple of shards you do not need that much effort.  On most shards you can do it with a melee toon with just chiv. Or any pet with GM AI/chiv.

    Try your setup on a shard where the boss 1 hit kills you from a distance. Then does 300 damage waves to the pets.
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    Thanks Traxx for showing up and helping us!!  <3
    Did he tone down the 2 hit quick kills?

    He just taught us how to make the boss not 1 hit kill us the terrors are still pain the arse though.

    A we noticed you can make the Abomination attack night terrors.

    I won't be back till Friday night so don't let everyone get burned out. I want all the pages.

    Awesome, you can help me get mine too then because I've been doing it everyday and only got 1 page so far.
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