EC bugs to fix please!


Some that immediately come to mind specific to EC.  Not running pinco...

1. The healthbars stop updating for players and pets after some play time.  Maybe a memory leak?  Easily reproduces when running 1-2 champ spawns where many mobs are encountered.  I have the mobiles bar active.  Also impacts the ability to drag health bars after a time.  Possibly the damage windows leaking?  Garbage collection after a time?
2. EC hangs for about 30 seconds entering certain shadowguard rooms.  Most obvious on the "bar".  If you enter with a group of 3+ people, you'll often enter the room dead as the encounter happily starts without you.  If there is no easy fix for EC, please delay the encounter spawn 30 seconds.
3. The bandage next damaged pet mobile doesn't generally work, as enemies get categorized as mobiles (attempts to heal damaged enemies).


  • SethSeth Posts: 357
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    The heath bar issue is happening every time, it affects every monsters from shadowguard, Champ spawn, high seas, dungeons etc. It is a critical bug, please help to fix this asap, thanks @Bleak
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    I only play pure EC with no add-on 3rd party app and it is very buggy. Please clean up all the EC bugs!
  • TimStTimSt Posts: 963
    Please let the "Get Hue" macro action be used outside of a house. It would remove the need for a tamer to carry a house decoration tool around to find out what color a beast is.
  • TimStTimSt Posts: 963
    If mediation fails there is no cool down timer shown to let you know how long you need to wait before you can try to mediate again. However, there is a cool down timer if mediation was successful. 
  • Max_BlackoakMax_Blackoak Posts: 471
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    I have a couple I wish to add to this list:

    using the tracking skill does not show a cooldown timer like hiding or detect hidden does for example.

    show names of incoming players is not working reliably. not even using an all names macro helps with this, they just run around on your screen without a name above their character.

    sometimes other players appear as naked characters on foot (running naked man) until you double click them. After clicking them they will show dressed and mounted again.

    ghost spawn and ghost characters are still a problem. Monsters or player characters will get "stuck" on your screen and the game will attempt to target them causing issues with target nearest macros. Only thing that gets rid of them is reloging (which is not an option in the middle of a fight for example).

    sometimes when using a smoke bomb your character will suddenly pop back one tile and become unhidden. Not sure if this is lag but it seems like it has something to do with the EC not tracking your position correctly and trying to correct it.

    the block war on party feature isn't working reliably. Sometimes party members will be attacked despite block war on party being active.

    some CC vs EC issues:

    circle of transparency is still too small, please make it the same size as in CC

    EC handles shadowjump differently than CC does. When another player shadowjumps in CC you see a smoke cloud at the position he jumped from. In EC you don't see anything.

    Please add the auto open corpse feature CC has to the EC as well.
  • SethSeth Posts: 357
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    Over the years the bugs are accumulating and there isn't much done for each update.

    Rate of bug increased > Rate of bug resolved.

    It will get worse and worse.

    I read this somewhere:
    Customers do not expect you to be perfect, but they do expect you to solve a problem as they arise.

    Then the reply could be manpower issue. Too few staff to handle pvp, bugs, new content, etc.

    So then we ask for results only: Is there really a plan to resolve the bugs, or will EC die a natural death one day - so will be my days in UO.
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    I only play pure EC with no add-on 3rd party app and it is very buggy. Please clean up all the EC bugs!
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