Updated! The Fish of Drachenfels | Die Fische von Drachenfels

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Handbook Part 5 - Enchanted Sea Creatures
Name Weight
Where to get?
Wo zu fangen?
Autumn Dragonfish 193 Stones Ilshenar Elaine Ironsal
Blue Lobster 146 Stones Ice Dungeon Paul Bocusse
Bull Fish 195 Stones Labyrinth Dungeon Allanon
Crystal Fish 193 Stones Prism of Light Dungeon Paul Bocusse
Fairy Salmon 194 Stones all depths in Ter Mur Paul Bocusse
Fire Fish 196 Stones Shame Dungeon Tony Fisher
Giant Koi 197 Stones deep water in Tokuno Paul Bocusse
Great Barracuda 200 Stones deep water in Felucca Allanon
Holy Mackerel 198 Stones Gravewater Lake in Malas Paul Bocusse
Lava Fish 180 Stones Underworld/Stygian Abyss Ter Mur, in water or lava Paul Bocusse
Reaper Fish 196 Stones Doom Dungeon in Malas Paul Bocusse
Spider Crab 142 Stones Terathan Keep Paul Bocusse
Stone Crab 147 Stones Lost Lands Allanon
Summer Dragonfish 196 Stones Destard Dungeon Allanon
Unicorn Fish 191 Stones Twisted Weald Dungeon Elisa May
Yellowtail Barracuda 221 Stones deep water in Trammel, incl. Lost Lands Tony Fisher

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