Item Properties Display Mode

In CC, for awhile now...
every time I switch chars, whether its the same account or not, in order to be able to read anything I have to go into 

Item Properties Display Mode

and click on Follow Mouse
(when switching chars its always on Single Click)

when I switch back to my main char, I have to do it again....
this gets very frustrating


  • CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,319
    i was messaged to go into Options
    and select the following

    ( I must do this for every single character, in order to be able to read anything)

    when i do click on ok, i see this mouse icon.

    then when i switch to another char and then come back to my main char
    this is what i see.

    i have to double click this every time.
    Is there any way from having to stop doing this every time?
  • ChrilleChrille Posts: 152
    Ive had similar problem with running mouse in a seperate thread and to solve it I had to close client between when I changed it on every char. Somehow when you change it other chars that have been logged in will also have their settings changed even if its another option.

    1 Log in one char, change it to preferd setting log out that char and close client.
    2 Start client again and log in second char and change settings.
    3 Do this until all chars have the same setting after that it will not change since you arent changing it anymore.
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