Please I am begging you to remove 8 mod cap on legendary items



  • ForeverFunForeverFun Posts: 380
    RockStaR said:
    RE-introduce >8 mod items as "mythical artifacts", rare chance to drop from any boss that drops legendaries.

    Deleting items seems a recipe for disaster -- won't be any bugs in that logic eh?  You can have over 8 mods via enhancing, etc.

    Coule be done. >9 mods. Spellchan-1 counts as one mod. Spellchan-0 higher intensity. Depending if you count resists or extra resists as mods. Then the higher powered items with 14 mods then you would also count resists as mods, 15-16..... Or depending on the extra resists cuz they can be in all categories..... If you're counting resists as mods.

    At a high level, seems better for the devs to focus on adding things, not removing things.  Only so much time in a day eh?  One reason why it's better to add these items as drops again.  There is already power creep over time anyway...

    All the "ifs" associated with deleting items at scale is bound to have bugs.  I'd wager most of these "mythical" drops are themselves enhanced.  If memory serves, the crafting menu options can be used to include/exclude the material bonus name.
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