Classic Client Targeting System in dedicated areas

Hi all :D as i noticed for Stygian Dragon area there is a bug in targeting pet as i reported in the other post so i found the bug also in Corgul Island but this time it involves all the targeting with classic client,
The bug is that the target macroes give the message "There are no hostile creatures on the screen" or "There are no followers on the screen".
I need to exit the game and log in when arrived to the island to use properly the targeting macroes.
I think it is related to the dedicated areas as i noticed in the previous post on Stygian Dragon.
I hope it can be helpful to know that exiting and log in on the island restore the proper working of targeting macroes <span>:smile:</span>


  • MerusMerus Posts: 291
    The "no hostiles" message is definitely not isolated to the dedicated areas.  I get it all the time all over the place.
  • PawainPawain Posts: 2,437
    Yup it can easily be seen in Khaldun Spawn.
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