Pet Targeting in Bosses Area

Hi all i found a Bug for the Pet Health Bar and the Follower Targeting in the area 
of some bosses like Stygian Dragon and Tyball.
The Health Bar Bug consist in the fact that it doesn't update the hp level so 
cannot control the pet's health and need to refresh getting the target again.
At this point it happens the Follower Target Bug and the Select Next Follower macro 
doesn't work and says "There are no follower on the screen" so need to use a generic 
Select Nearest/Next Mobile to get the pet's target. 

I hope it will be helpful :D for the target bug it's not so much a problem :D but for Pet's 
Health Bar i think it's a big problem because i find my cu sidhe at 1/3 health while the bar says
he's at full health.

I think it happens in many bosses area 

ty for your work :D


  • FextheElfFextheElf Posts: 15
    edited September 2019
    It happens with classic client targeting (i forgot to spcify :D)
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