[Advice] Garg Bard/Mystic

I've recently returned to UO, and my main character's template (gargoyle) is provo/disco bard with mysticism. However, I'm wondering if this is still a viable template. Given the grind it takes to get a template maxed, I don't want to invest that kind of time if the result is going to be lackluster. Can gargs make good mystic bards? Is there a better template for a gargoyle that would utilize one or both of these skills. Right now I have 100 mystic, and 95 disco. 


  • ThalonThalon Posts: 61
    So, what are you planning on using this batd-mystic for? Farming gold or working champ spawns? Heading out with guildmates or solo play? 

    Second question: are you going to Legendary (120 skill)  Discord?  I don't have one myself, but my guildies tell me for Endgame content, either have 120 Discord or the skill is useless.
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    i play a mystic bard all 120 mystic/focus/med/music/disco/provo running provo mastery mass sleeps replaces peacemaking very well my guild mates love the buffs and there is really no place i can't go and be successful
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  • UrgeUrge Posts: 1,210
    Spellweaving Discorder with Rising Col is a hard combo to beat.
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