Those pesky new wall/old spots we can't connect together.

GidgeGidge Posts: 354
So I have been trying to find a way to bridge that gap with an item. Goza's and Paver both look kinda of okay, but wonky. I was hoping I could do the pouch pop thing for this spot but no go. I did find a few items (I am afraid to list here cause they may eliminate their ability thereby reducing our deco item list for odd things) but I would like to see a pouch be able to be dropped in a wall spot so we can place a wall there.

Has anyone found something to complete this with yet?


  • Lord_GarethLord_Gareth Posts: 8
    Use Lava Stone Pavers?

    Its been so long I dont remember the exact name but you can raise them up and walk on them like Gozas. You need lots of Lava Fishing Poles I think?!? Like I said it's been sooo long but I do know they come in different ingot hues
  • GidgeGidge Posts: 354
    I think I have one, I will see if it goes under a wall. Whatever it is, it needs to be able to go under a wall (or on the same tile as one) and then only take up half the wall or it pokes through.

    On the thread where people were talking about the dead spot on keeps, I had posted, if they let us lower things down through the floors it could help with this as well.  I could place a new wall piece above and lower it down.

    Here is a picture of one of the spots for reference.

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