Supply Chests, by Facet and Package

This spreadsheet is a work in progress - any additional info or corrections are welcome!


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    Artisan Supply chests outside of Ter Mur and Malas don't have crafting materials.  Reagents only show up in Mage Stash chests and they are magery reagents in Trammel, Fel, Ilshenar, Tokuno, and Eodon; necro reagents in Malas; and mysticism reagents in Ter Mur.

    I'm not sure the SoAs you have marked with an asterisk are limited to specific facets.  More testing needed!  I'll try to watch specifically for those.  If yes, we should keep an eye on Ninjitsu as well.  There are definitely some facet-specific randomly generated items.  I just hadn't noticed that facet-specific stuff spilling over into SoTs and SoAs as well.  If yes, would that possibly mess up power scroll generation in Felucca so you could never get power scrolls for some skills? 

    Artisan skills:
    Alchemy (also shows up in Mage)
    Item ID

    Assassin skills:
    Anatomy (also shows up in Warrior)
    Detect Hidden
    Lock Picking
    Remove Trap

    Mage skills:
    Alchemy (also shows up in Artisan)
    Evaluate Intelligence
    Spirit Speak

    Ranger skills:
    Animal Lore
    Animal Taming
    Tinkering (also shows up in Artisan and this really does look like it's a bug)

    Warrior skills:
    Anatomy (also shows up in Assassin)
    Mace fighting
    Resisting Spells

    I still haven't figured out where these show up: Begging, Camping, Forensic Evaluation, and Taste ID. 
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    By Craft Mats, I mean basic crafting. Wood, Ore, Leather.

    As for the skills, yes - much more testing! The patch notes said the skills are by package and facet, so I am separating them for now. However, I am doing Fel supply maps, working with the assumption (hope) that the devs would not make any skill specific to JUST Fel. So if it shows in that chest, then (for now) I am adding it to the ''all'' category unless/until we learn otherwise. This is very, VERY much a work in progress. I considered waiting, but I am hoping for others to add to the knowledge pool so it is completed faster. I added ''possibly'' to the spreadsheet, just to clarify.

    Begging is prolly in Assassin with the other shady skills, but I have not come across it yet. I am adding skills only when I see them, or as some one reports them. Just in case a skill somehow got left out of the code, or something.
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    You're right. But you need to add "Craft Mats" to the Malas and Ter Mur cells for the Artisan row, in addition to the peerless and imbue mats you already have.
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    We have a page going up later today on our website with all the drops and what chest they spawn in, including things like where to get the different armor.

    Some things on it are still a work in progress because we confirm where items are located.
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    @Margrette Ah, I see what you mean. Thanks!
    @Violet Yay! Once yours is up, I will take mine down for the sake of simplicity. Thanks for all your work!
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    Ilshenar Ranger SOA Tinkering, Tracking, Archery. Sot Music
    Ancient Weapon
  • MargretteMargrette Posts: 549
    Tinkering in a Ranger chest again.  How does that even make sense? LOL
  • TanagerTanager Posts: 634
    Thanks, I added Tinker to Ranger list. Not sure on the logic there, either lol.
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    Tanager said:
    Thanks, I added Tinker to Ranger list. Not sure on the logic there, either lol.
    When you train remove trap using crafter made boxes, what skill do you need it to be roughly level with?
  • MargretteMargrette Posts: 549
    When you train remove trap using crafter made boxes, what skill do you need it to be roughly level with?
    If you use a Crystal Ball of Knowledge and want it to always say "Remove Trap Difficulty: Optimal" for each disarm attempt, here is what the tinker's skill level has to be when setting the traps to be disarmed:

    Remove Trap Skill 31.0 to 35.0: Tinkering has to be 30.1 to 35.0.
    Remove Trap Skill 35.1 to 45.0: Tinkering has to be 40.1 to 45.0.
    Remove Trap Skill 45.1 to 55.0: Tinkering has to be 50.1 to 55.0.
    Remove Trap Skill 55.1 to 65.0: Tinkering has to be 60.1 to 65.0.
    Remove Trap Skill 65.1 to 75.0: Tinkering has to be 70.1 to 75.0.
    Remove Trap Skill 75.1 to 85.0: Tinkering has to be 80.1 to 85.0.
    Remove Trap Skill 85.1 to 95.0: Tinkering has to be 90.1 to 95.0.
    Remove Trap Skill 95.1 to 100.0: Tinkering has to be GM.

    The tinker will most likely need to be wearing a tinkering talisman to begin with, as the minimum amount of tinkering needed to place a dart trap is 30.0.
  • MargretteMargrette Posts: 549
    Tanager said:
    Thanks, I added Tinker to Ranger list. Not sure on the logic there, either lol.
    All I can come up with is that a tinker is/was a person who travels from place to place mending metal utensils as a way to make a living.  So maybe the fact that they are itinerant makes them a good fit for the "ranger" category.  That's all I've got.
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