Resilience bard mastery buff auto-cure not working on parties members

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As title says, the bard mastery resilience is not auto-curing other members in the group , it only auto-cures the bard himself , it used to work on all party. I somehow get a weird mastery message as I was attempting to auto-cure myself with poisoning mastery which I don't have.


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    Hmm, have you checked that the party members also have the same buff description? I don’t remember mine having more than +22 regens, might be as intended. I would check it but it’s a real pain on test cos you have to do the bard mastery quests so I’ll kindly ask you to test.
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    It should also work on pets unless that is also bugged now.
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    The regens part work on both party members and pets , its the auto-cure that is not working on pets and allies , everyone in party has the buff in the picture above ( which btw isnt the bard ). It got bugged when they changed a fix to players switching skills in soulstones to exploit some mastery, now the game thinks the resilience buff auto-cure is the poison mastery auto-cure, but it got mixed and now its not working on others than the bard himself.
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    bump @Misk , this annoying bug is still around.. any word pls ? Resilience should auto-cure poison on everyone in the group not just the bard himself, any chance to reproduce this ? just poison yourself in a group, with resilience buff up from another bard, and it will not cure you, instead, you will have this weird mastery message like in picture above
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    bump , see the video of this bug I just reproduced , Bard is on the left, non-bard on the right, same party, not curing the non-bard...

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