Please make IDOCs go away for good



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    TimSt said:
    @Soldahouse, Thank you for finding the houses and letting people know about them.  Thanks to you I have filled up my bank box twice with items that I got at various IDOCs.  I would like to start up a similar thing on my home shard of Pacific.
    Totally agree.
    The ONLY ones that grumble against Spring's service are the ones that have seen their ill gotten scripting revenues decline. The rest is FUD.
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    "1st the cheaters were already going to the IDOCs and taking all items. They have a cheat that shows them where all idocs are, and don't even have to click house signs."

    [It takes most of us about 6 hours to walk the entire server looking at house signs for decay. Its a playstyle just like spending the time going to a dungeon fighting to get to a monster. Having books promotes laziness and turns something fun and adventurous into a huge script fest full of vacuum sucking pack horses that can out loot most us who grab and drop into a beetle or pack horse.]

    "2nd if we have 40 people at one idoc when it falls everyone grabs one item that is less the cheaters get and  now more people get stuff not just a few that would get everything."

    [Completely wrong, go to an idoc with 80 people there and when it falls most of us never see a single chest to loot. When its all over, you look at the certain idoc guy we all know and every one of his characters he gated in with packhorses shows full packs. Meanwhile, my beetle remains empty and also the majority of decent players also have empty beetles and pack horses.]

    "3rd I try to mark them all but I know I miss some. you don't have to spend 6 hours a week looking anymore, but you could spend one hour a week and help me out. "

    [Now we know that this poster is Spring, it is clear from the context and wording where he says that you could help him mark his books. Does it surprise you that he is defending idocs now and what hes doing?]

    "4th I really do try to get the times and share with everyone so people don't have to wait 15 hours standing at a house to fall." 

    [Maybe so but I would trust myself timing a house before I trust a player who has opened the server up for mass scripting simply by locating  your idocbooks. Contrary to whatever delusion you believe in, scripters often miss houses as nothing works as good as old fashioned waving the mouse over a house sign. I was at an idoc that fell before and watched a certain idoc guy player run right past massive high end loot on the ground worth millions as if he was on auto pilot. It is a fact that scripters miss houses, we have seen it first hand as their characters run right past these fallen homes where no one else would ever do such a thing seeing free stuff on the ground. Your logic is illogical.]

    "5th just looked at one vendor shop everyone says is the biggest cheater around and his vendors are almost empty, go look. "

    [I have seen his vendor shop west of Luna and the reason his vendors are empty is because people like me show up and buy him out to resell. I bought 20 shadow cloaks for 6mil and turned around and sold them all for 12mil each. He scripts so many houses that he needs to move his items so he sells dirt cheap which is why his vendors empty out. You have done nothing but increase his sales. If you dont know this then I truly feel sorry for you!]

    "I know that what Im doing is making some of you really really mad, I hear it in chat, but there are so many that are having fun going to the idocs. many show me the items they get or tell me how happy they are they got one item they always wanted. me marking books and sharing isn't helping the cheaters they already went to all idocs and got all items. im helping out the folks that don't have tons of time to play. every item we pick up is one less item the cheaters get."

    [You honestly arent helping anyone. People are happy because these are the new players who loot an item worth 100k and are thrilled at it. All of the high end loot is going more now to the scripters than ever before. Watch a house fall, everything on the steps is looted before it falls because you never see it. Normal players who reach and grab have zero chance and you know it. Seriously, who are you trying to kid?]

    "I cant understand why you want to get rid of them now. Before just a select few with their friends and the cheaters went to them and got all items.  now many go to them and most get some items. sometimes those items are worth 10m sometimes they are just trash." 

    [We want to get rid of idocs now because people like you have taken a very old traditional style of game play and destroyed it. Before, scripters always missed houses and we were lucky to find one with the daily good players who do idocs that show up, greet each other and take the time to manually loot a house which is what 90% of players do. But now we talk among ourselves in our community circle and it has become so difficult for us to compete with the scripters thanks to you. We are seeing more and more players come to Atlantic from other servers to script our houses. We know because some of us who might play 2 or 3 other servers know this big names that always script items and upset our smaller server communities. Now its a conglomeration as they are all gravitating to Atlantic to your books. I would rather see idocs completely removed than to see them turn into the joke you have turned them into.]

    "Doing this also helps out the folks that want to PvP.  just go to a big felucca idoc and see everyone running for their life or chasing a person to kill. I knew I was going to make some mad and im sorry for that but I have made so many more happy. I really think this is hurting the cheaters and helping out UO players." 

    [First off, people in felucca generally dont show up with pack scripting horses as its extremely rare so your logic is completely failed. Secondly, for me, I love the fact you gate people to felucca because it becomes a big kill fest. I watched 4 trammies run away from my red as I picked them off one by one. Its actually so sad because you are not sending in pvp guilds but instead trammies to feed the wolves. We all already know about most idocs because we talk within our guilds in felucca. I dont know where you get your information but Im guessing its from the fact that you do not pvp, you always run away with the rest of the trammies and you have no idea what you are even doing.]

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    My suggestion to you is to discover and use a brain to create an exclusive idoc guild, keep the idocs to your members and friends as this will stop the influx of scripters who use your books and force them back out looking for them again. Go ahead and make your books but make them exclusive to your guild house. Now you have your giant mob, you can spam away for members and make a massive guild that does the idocs. Now you will have the chance to teach people all about the idoc community, according to the limited knowledge you have on it, and then you can be exclusive. And the best part of all is that it will remove most of the disgust people have for what you are doing and open up a new server guild that you could run. The outcome will result in a huge drop in idoc scripting, at least with these insane pack horses which is unlike anything I have ever seen before in UO in all the years I have played. 
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