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Is there some lore in the history of Sosaria for this name, or is it a nod to our moderator and wiki writer? Regardless, I quite like it!


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    IMHO It is a nod to @Mariah and they also need one for @Petra_Fyde because IMHO if it were not for these two great ladies the Wiki would never have been,  @Kyronix @Bleak @Mesanna
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    I agree, Petra is a huge asset to the community, her knowledge is astounding.  :)
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    edited March 2019
    Mariah is a name from Ultima Lore.
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    Well, I am still pleased to have this in my crazy tinker's laboratory. I do wish there were gifts that included names from the folks who work so hard for the UO community. I would like, for example, the EM names for pirate captains to be updated to include ALL event moderators, past and present. "Death Certificate" tho is a tad morbid lol. Ah, such dreams of fanciful whim!
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    :) I took the name from Ultima Lore.
    You'll find her listed on the Virtues page as the companion for the virtue 'honesty', she is a mage of Moonglow. If you search for 'Mariah' in the wiki you will find her featured in much of the fiction linked to past and recent events.
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