First week back

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So far I have seen 4 other players in Tram, I have seen 1 person type in chat and that was a gold seller, not sure who he would be selling to!
Ive seen 1 person in Fel, I was taking a little break from despise, standing outside the entrance when he walked in from the upper level, 1 shot me with a spell and then walked back out like it was his job, would have made sense had he been red, but alas, a blue with nothing better to do apparently.
I have done my best to rid the world of earth elementals, I have killed somewhere around 567,235 give or take a couple. 
I have scouted the lands and found multiple places to put a keep and even a couple castle spots, now to save up the moolah needed to place.
So far, so good. Still feel like such a newb now, still kinda of lost on what to do next.


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    You are on Sonoma?  your character name? ; PAS has evening events Sunday- Friday, currently the calendar is sort of empty, but it will have a lot more events posting soon, the last day of Kampus is to be tomorrow, so I have heard, so we will be doing it one more time tomorrow evening along with the rest of the shard. for more information on the guild.

    Are you on a endless journal account or a paid subscription?  I will assume Paid as you spoke of placing.

    Welcome back. 
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    Howdy! I’m on a paid sub. Characters name is same as here. I’ll keep a lookout for events. Still leveling up and figuring things out atm but hope to do some higher content at some point!
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    what your template?   Mage, warrior, tramer, crafter?
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    Is you account up on the following packages for the game?  Ultima Online™ Time of Legends is needed to get access to Eodon and it's quests, and Ultima Online™: High Seas Booster will be needed to gain access to the New ships and the High seas quests.  I would recommend getting the Time of Legends first if you are a payday to payday player.  Then the High Seas, and then some gold Sovereigns to purchase undertaker staff and other goodies from the IN Game store.

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    Heya Drake, sorry didn’t notice the replies! I do not have those expansions, I will get them ASAP, I did buy a few things from the store, a mythic token, a skill stone and a mount. I’m working on a Sampire template and a bard character. I did figure out a few things this week of being a noob, mainly that the reason I haven’t seen anyone in chat was because you have to manually join chat...I been in the help channel this whole time! 
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    ahhh, most of us run in the General chat, if you are young player you cannot get in it, which I feel is "DUMB", not to many players are in the Help chat.  When you can get in General chat
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    I see you are wearing my tailor's work
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