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  • Is the Krampus encounter permanent content or a seasonal event ?
  • KyronixKyronix Posts: 970Dev
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    i only did one order, but didnt get an ambush.  it just doesnt seem very fun unless you really like doing trade orders for some reason.  im not sure what the 25 percent distance means.  does that mean 25 percent from the start, or the finish?  or otherwise?  it just seems overall confusing.  i would definitely have splash screen to explain it to the masses who dont read the forums. 

    Should i be NOT delivering the trade order and sitting in one spot?  thats what i did last year and it was still extremely boring but at least i got ambushes.
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    edited November 2018
    the rewards seem good.  nothing amazing or game-breaking.  the titles are nice.

    should be noted that the whips HAVE to be "exceptional" / max imbuable for anyone to use them.  They are a decent whirlwind weapon, but still not as good as a double axe (higher damage and double strike is best special when a mob is AI invulnerable)

    I cant see someone with an existing sampire using the weapons at all, because that sampire will be swords already, and the double axe is better.  we also already have the radiant scimatar for a one handed whirlwind weapon. 

    I can see newbie players using these if they dont already have a fighter character and gives a whirlwind option for mace and fencing.

    Lastly, id put in a few other novelty rewards like hair dyes.  or possible bring back the beard sculpting cream.
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    ya let them drop white or black hair dyes (both would go real well with the Krampus Minion Hat) or green (the color of the minions)
  • Is it a specification that insurance can not be applied to whips(Krumpus dropped)?
  • KyronixKyronix Posts: 970Dev
    @MiaYuuri this is a bug that will be resolved in the next update to TC, thanks for the feedback!
  • I would also restrict Them spawning within 40 tiles of a Moongate since those are guard zones as well. 
  • KyronixKyronix Posts: 970Dev
    None of the ambushes can spawn inside a Guard Zone, however if those creatures somehow manage to find their way into one they will be ignored by Guards.
  • is there a way to allow us to turn in a completed trade mission while krumpus is spawned as opposed to having to drop/cancel the mission i understand not being able to get a new order but at least allow us to complete the one in our backpacks
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