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    Cetric said:
    players without parry get absolutely slaughtered.  And I might be under-exaggerating that.  Perhaps if you do not have parry you should get a DCI cap boost to 50 while reducing parry 5% across the board as well.  TBH its so bad without parry you almost question if the hit chance formula is broken.

    Though its hard to say if being hit by multiple splinters is the reason for part of it, its also true archers can do some work without parry due to range.  Being that I would propose:

    -10-15 second immunity to splinter.  splinter effect lasts what, 5-6 seconds? Having as much potential downtime as up time seems fair.

    -remove bleed effect from splinter, make it force walk, make it have bleeding graphic, but bleed damage ticks and disruptions go away.  The near necessity to splinter is the force walk aspect of it, and you could argue it is a great feature alone.  Adding a free special move to it is unnecessary.

    -Splinter no longer proc on specials Disarm (already doesn't), Dismount, Infectious Strike, Injecting Strike (from mastery) IF bleed ticks remain though removing bleed ticks would be more preferable.  If bleed ticks are removed, adding dismount to the list of disarm is sufficient alone.  Free bleed special move, forced to walk, with bleed ticks disrupting spells, as well as lethal poison damage ticks disrupting spells, all while lethal poison is hard to cure with potions has been a death sentence for a while now.  You can fail many cure potions, while also having trouble casting Arch Cure to even remove it, while also being walked.  All of this together is too much.

    -Splinter no longer proc not only on Disarm and Dismount special moves, but also not while under the effects of them.  IE.  if you are on disarm timer, you cannot be force walked via splinter.  If you are on dismounted and cannot mount timer, you cannot be force walked via splinter.  So if you are splintered, then get disarmed, the effect goes away, and cannot be splintered post disarm either.  Both of these special moves are plenty powerful in their own right.

    -Reduce parry chance 5% across the board - 15% at 60, 25% at GM, 30% at 120, 35% at 120 with 2 handed non balanced weapon with 120 Bushido. 

    -Raise DCI cap to 50-55 if you do not have parry, 45 if you do, alterable with refinements.  Perhaps even grant a 5 DCI free (so 5/50 dci while naked) for not having parry.  This would help cull the slaughter of not having parry, and perhaps make it not feel quite so necessary.


    Other thoughts not included in original notes:

    -Allow more player damage to get through evasion, as that seems to be the only solution to slightly nerfing evasion without effecting PvM.  No one knows the exact evasion formula to give recommendations AND/OR Raise the usage timer from 20 to 30 seconds.

    -Cap the amount of potions a shatter pot can remove at 15-25.

    -Make Cleansing Winds disrupt-able regardless of being in protection or not. 

    -Give remove curse from Chivalry a longer cast time.  It is too fast and has always been too fast.

    -Buff Wrestle Mastery for non-parry players

    -Introduce a Focus Spec for Warriors similar to the Focus Spec for casters.  If a player does not have high skill in Magery, Mysticism, Necro, Chivalry or Spellweaving provide a base damage boost to all weapons.

    I like your idea to put a balance between dexxer, parry and without parry. without removing the benefit of converting into 120 skill.but splitering ,I think you push the nerf too far.a timer to not be spammed with splintering and to allow healing to remove bleed and heal. a mage, a paladin or with bushido you can always go back your life but with healing your dead most of the time.remove the splintering boost with focus attack no more 60%.

    i like most of your point focus spec for warriors can be nice.

    but I would add to have a gameplay vary and fun
    -revert the super nova delay (zero reasons to take alchy now) and add a alchemy mastery that allows you to double conflag at gm alchy.

    -keep the pie but add longuer timer between use and reduce the time of the effect
    -Heavily nerfed shatter pots
    - Raise pet base damage .you ave to be on foot and vulnerable for fight .but you damage output are complet useless .
    -split damage of nether cyclone between targets

    but i can dream about all this

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    oh and i forgot to add it to my suggestion comment - but scrap the discord thing.  Not good.  Not good at all.  Screwing with peoples +skill is bad.
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    Raise the dci cap? You can already do this with refinements, go elven and raise dci and drop energy resist. 
    I tell you the truth, tis better to do 10 damage on the right target than 100 damage on the wrong target.

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    There will no longer be any updates to the parry formula in Publish 103. We will continue to evaluate the role parry has in the current meta and look forward to further discussion with the community. The remaining combat changes are still up for debate and can be found here.

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