Who's bright idea is this?????

I was helping a player on Atl this afternoon and discussing the pro's of sbuing to uo ..player wasa 12 year vet thinking why bother and how a bank box would go along way to keeping EJ players in...

I had to burst his bubble as to the reason why no bank box and how he could get a vault if he wanted to go further...   

Someone pop a skel knight in Brit Tram...  ok  necro spell they are harmless... or so I thought.

Here I am in tram mind you and dying to a skel knight that didn't quit ... I was not paying attention to it at first thinking it was a safe pet trying to explain the good side to subscribing to uo...

@Kyronix ; this is not exceptable ! to be killed in Tram by a conjured pet...  that didn't break off after it killed me and my mare...  it came after me again     I am not amused!


  • In my opinion EJ might have done more harm then good.  Old players have returned and left just as fast... Different reasons mind you but still many have chewed my ear off on the lack of things to do...  Storage being their main complaint... they refuse to understand the plain use of a bank box eludes them as a reason to subscribe...

    Most want to play but for free everything and could care less we who do pay foot their bills. 

    New players ..... omg the things they put the rest of us through in their learning curve.. 

    Oh and btw thx a lot for the shard bound scrolls...NOT!!  sales of my earned scrolls have taken a big hit... what was worth selling is now fodder on the vendors....  was someone not looking at this in actual play??      Your making it too easy guys... to find reasons to quit  

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    I tell you the truth, tis better to do 10 damage on the right target than 100 damage on the wrong target.

    Breaking in the young since 2002

  • And EJ was a big ole waste of dev time that coulda been used to fix things that need fixing.  Shoulda just gone with the RTB but wihtout housing.  No one's is seriously gonna play long without subbing to get a house anyway.  And even if they didn't, the store sales woulda made up the diff

  • It wasn't mentioned, but did you call guards?
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    guards wont kill mongbats in Moonglow, doubtful they would attack summons
  • Yes I called guards...  this thing had on track shoes too    

    The EJ question this vet had was the usual... "why did they not give them a bank box..."

    No matter what he was on about how he couldn't keep the things he found.. I had just given him a bug too and I gather they cant use them ether for holding things as they play.    

    I was suggesting he find what he likes to do and subscribe and enjoy the game again when the knight popped up.    I have found many EJ people end up leaving. 

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    they can put stuff inside the beetle, just cant mount it with items in their packs
  • one would think that would be good enough for some crafting and hunting...  I really think that EJ should have had a bigger disclaimer that spelled this out in plain english
  • EJ players that fight through the stipulations of today and sub should be given a discounted price for putting up with the silly restrictions. Allow them a regular 125 slot bank box, and give subscribing players the ability to set a singular chest in their homes as an EJ box that can store an additional 25 slots for stackable things like crafting reagents or battle supplies. 

    If they did this, EJ players would stick around, and eventually outgrow these limitations after they have had their free dose of UO-Heroin. Then, they would most likely subscribe to the game. All the other little silly limitations are more of an inconvenience that just pushes players back off into the Gray Shard space, which doesn’t do anyone any good except for those people who have created Gray Shards to make a living off of selling stupid cosmetics on a server that is destined to fail. 

    Those are my two cents on EJ. 
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