beginner PVP questions

I've been doing some spawns with my Ninja necro archer (don't ask ) and figure i should at least learn to stay alive and defend myself my only tactic right now is smoke bomb and sulk away so give me suggestions and tips basic macro set ups(i don't use a lot of macros in my daily play 4 for my bard is about it ) 


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    Now  we've had some 40+ views and not even one reply ?? if PVPers really want more people to PVP i'd think they would be willing to at least offer some suggestions...
  • There is no instant information that's gonna help you survive when you get raided.  PvP is just learned by doing it.   With your situation there is a lot missing information, like how many people show up to raid, what templates are they using.  You have to remember that playing a dexxer right now versus mages in a tight area is gonna hurt your chances of fighting back.  Now as a archer you need to be carrying at least 4 different bows (magical shortbow, composite, heavy crossbow, Yumi).  They also have to be setup to pvp with not pvm (i.e. hit spell, hit lower defense, ssi, di).  Youll also need macros for mirror image, shadow jump, focus attack, surprise attack plus smoke bomb, apples, trap box, heal, cure, refresh potion.  If your necro as well, throw in macros for evil omen, corpseskin, blood oath, pain spike.  Make sure your pvp weapons are 100 poison damage to take advantage of corpseskin.   Even having all this information its still going to be difficult versus seasoned players in the field.   Probably why its gonna be hard to get replies on this.   If I were you I would find someone who knows how to pvp and talk to them in a voice chat and practice with them.
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    Thanks for reply !! yes the learning curve is steep !! 
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