Publish 101 Update to TC1 & Khaldun Champ Spawn Play Session

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We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with the homepage.  In the meantime we wanted to release this information as soon as possible, 


The latest update to Publish 101 has been released to TC1.  You can read about the latest changes below.  We also look forward to your feedback which you can share on the forums.

We will also be hosting a public play session tomorrow (9/5/2018) beginning at noon ET.  Copy your crafters over to TC1 and supply those valiant enough to stand against the armies of Khaldun!  We expect the play session to last for several hours as we go through Caddellite resource gathering, crafting, and the champ spawn - so hop on and say hello!

See you in Britannia,

UO Team

The following issues have been resolved as of the latest TC1 publish – huge thank you to everyone who has taken an early look at Publish 101 and provided amazing feedback!

  • The Orrery can now be used while locked down.  This will only apply to newly created Orreries that are claimed via the 21st anniversary token.
  • Willebrord the Astronomer will no longer accept star charts that do not have a name.  Blanks can no longer be set as constellation names.
  • The first aid belt can now be dyed with a regular dyetub.
  • An issue where hidden chests in Khaldun would not respawn has been resolved and will no longer erroneously become puzzle boxes.
  • There is now a 100% chance of success when polishing rough meteorites to create a polished meteorite.  The drop rate of rough meteorites has been reduced.
  • An issue which caused some puzzleboxes to be unable to be looted has been resolved.
  • The Khal Ankur mask/pendant meteor breath ability will now function against Khaldun creatures.  Note caddellite weapons/spellbooks/instruments are still required to damage khaldun creatures.
  • Fixed issue where erroneous tool failure messages would be sent when using the caddellite harvesting tools.
  • Fixed issue where certain areas of the camp crafting area would not function properly.
  • Fixed issue where certain generals would not be attackable during the Khal Ankur fight.
  • Fixed issue where Khaldun tasty treats could not be refreshed while a pet was already under the effect.
  • Khaldun tasty treats now have a different hue when successfully crafted.

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